Lucy Allen and Marshall Goers

Lucy Allen and Marshall Goers


Lucy Allen & Marshall Goers deliver a tasteful blend of folk music that heals and reveals. They present a combination of original, traditional and covers of other songwriters. Lucy provides strong vocals backed by the versatility of Marshall's instrumentation.


Lucy Allen and Marshall Goers combine blues, bluegrass, old-time, and folk music with stirring songwriting and performance skills for a memorable music experience. Their soulful performances connect with the audience until performer and listener are intertwined in the story, distilling the essence of an experience into song. Goers and Allen bring their music to Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina, along with their unique set of talents that go far beyond picking and singing.

Allen and Goers both perform separately, solo and with other groups, but some of their best work happens when they're together in a duet performance. For the past four years, Goers and Allen have shared the stage, and continue to create these stirring performances.

Allen's PhD in folklore, live performances, emceeing and producing concerts, along with her support of local folk programs like Acoustic Seen at the Coffee Underground in Greenville, S.C., give Allen unique perspective on uniting traditional music with contemporary songwriting. Allen goes beyond learning the techniques and popular cover songs to creating music that reveals and heals. Allen is also an accomplished guitar player, equally at home with fingerpicking or strumming rhythm.

Goers, a "multi-instrumentalist," is master of many instruments, comfortable with guitar, mandolin, lap dulcimer, fiddle, banjo, harmonica or even bouzouki in his hands. Goers has been performing a variety of music with several South Carolina bands since 1990. He currently plays old-time Appalachian music with the Blue Dawg String Band, and performs blues and rock periodically with his old buddies in the group, Square Root.

Allen and Goers both have solo releases: Allen with When to Let Go... And Other Songs and Goers with Fresh Start. Their most recent work is the joint project, Just Passing Through, which demonstrates their talent as a long-lasting duo.

Not satisfied with performing on the sidelines of the music culture, Allen has recently been selected for the Community Advisory Board of WNCW. Goers continues to win old-time and folk music competitions, most recently at Brevard's Halloweenfest Old Time Music Competition, with awards for first-place mandolin, third-place guitar, and a Judge's Special ‘Face in the Crowd’ Award. This year, Goers also took third place for dulcimer in the Grayson County Old Time Fiddler's Convention and for Twin Fiddle (with Jeanne McDaniel) in the Happy Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention


When to Let Go

Written By: Lucy Allen

How do I know when to let go?
Why is the fear that holds me here?
Where is the love that'll set me free?
When will I be me?

A happy little girl walked down the lane, The day was clear and cold
She spotted a diamond snake in the grass and picked it up to hold
She saw the diamonds glitter so fine, the rest of its skin was gold
The snake it bit her in the side the way it was foretold


‘You knew what I was when you picked me up’--But the girl was innocent
She dropped the snake back in the grass; it never did repent
The wound healed over out of sight and left her double-bent
And the poison trickled through her veins for there was no way to vent


The years went by and joy slipped out replaced by fear and hate
Till one day a healer happened by and he knew it wasn't too late
He saw the scar that left the mark that she thought was her fate
He opened the wound and let it drain the poison of that snake


Every day the poison came draining from her side
And while she changed the bandages tears fell from her eyes
Then one day the bleeding stopped, the sun came out to shine
She saw the healer in her heart, it always was inside.

Now I know when to let go
Gone is the fear that held me here
Come is the love that has set me free
Now that I am me [repeat]

Just Passing Through

Written By: Eddie Lee Bolt

Set my dinner plate
In payment for the work I’ll do today
Just don’t be too late
Or you may find that I’ve gone on my way

Let me say thank you
For everything you do
Just don’t get too used to hearing it cause
I’m just passing through

Lay me down a place to rest my head
And sleep this night away
Do it just in case I may decide
To stay another day
Let me say thank you…
Let me say thank you…
Soon I’m glory bound,
I’m headed on to where the angels tread
When that place I’ve found
I’ll tell them by whom I was clothed and fed

Let me say thank you…

When the Breeze Blows

Written By: Lucy Allen

I grew up near the forest, and close to my mother’s side
Went to church every Sunday, and sang praises to God upon High
Walked the woods with my father, learned to love the birds and trees
Back at home in the evenings, they sang this sweet melody

Close your eyes when the breeze blows
And feel what you can’t see
Call it God, call it nature
That love is the same thing to me

I got called to the Army when I was barely 18
Went to fight in the desert, was the farthest from home that I’d been
I would stare at the night sky, when not out on routine
And I’d think of my parents, and the song they used to sing:

Close your eyes when the breeze blows
And feel what you can’t see
Call it God, call it nature
That love is the same thing to me

One day on maneuvers
We were caught by surprise
The last thing I remember
Was a blinding flash in my eyes

Now I sit on my front porch, with my daughter close by my side
She is reading me poems, her voice filled up with pride
And my husband is working at the factory all of the day
He comes home in the evening, reaches over to me, and he says

Hold my hand when the breeze blows
And feel what you can’t see
Call it God, call it nature
That love is the same thing to me

Close your eyes when the breeze blows
And feel what you can’t see
Call it God, call it nature
That love is the same thing to me


Just Passing Through (Paper River Music PRM 0306), 2006
Allen: When to Let Go, 2002
Goers: Fresh Start
Goers also on Piedmont String Sawyers, Sawing Through a Few Good Pieces, 2004

Set List

Typical performance is 2 45-50 minute sets.
Partial repertoire:
By Lucy Allen:
Roots and Wings
When to Let Go
Six Hawks on the Highway
Etta's Gift
When the Breeze Blows
God Be In My Head
London or Oxford
By Marshall Goers:
Fresh Start
Baby Stay
No Time or Space
Traditional songs & Tunes:
Blackest Crow
Tom Dooley
Barbara Allen
Medley: Kitchen Girl/Richmond Cotillion/St. Anne's Reel
Shenandoah Falls
Coleman's March
Three Thin Dimes
My Old Home Waltz
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Typical Covers:
The Cape (Guy Clark)
Piper, Further & Further Away (Cheryl Wheeler)
Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show)
Who'll Watch the Home Place (Kate Long)
She Could've Loved Him (CE Jones)
Flying South (Wanda Lu)
Just Passing Through (Eddie Lee Bolt)
Keep it Simple (Chuck Pyle)
She Don't Like Roses (C. Kane/T. Kimmel)
(No Such Thing As) Girls Like That (Christine Kane)
Come from the Heart (Suzanna Clark)
Paradise, In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine)
Farewell Lone R