Lucy and the Man

Lucy and the Man

 Rotterdam, South Holland, NLD

We love to combine musical and thematical influences from folk and jazz music with our love for sophisticated and progressive pop songs. Our music contains an abundance of vocal harmonies, with engaging and original lyrics; powerful and varied instrumentations carry our songs to a high standard.


Lucy and the Man is a singer-songwriter duo that sets out to tell stories. Their songs give voice to characters like a love-sick cat, a young man from ancient mythology, an elderly lady who visits her senile sister, and a city in the post-communist Slovak Republic. But in the lyrics aswell as in the music, all is not what it seems...

Loes (vocals and guitar) and Tim (vocals and piano) bring their jazz-, folk- and rock-inspired songs in the intimacy of the duo, but with the power of a band: Niels Duindam (drums), Hans Visser (double bass and bassguitar) and Evelien Keesmaat (saxophones and vocals) provide the music with extra depth and spirit.

Vocal harmony, often warm and smooth but at times challengingly dissonant, is an important part of the cleverly thought out vocal and instrumental arrangements.

What does Lucy and the Man sound like? Combining common reactions from the audience: like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell backed up by the Dave Matthews Band...

April 1st, 2011, Lucy & the Man's debut album Kaleidoscope Tales was released, a European joint venture with Dutch musicians and the Slovak band Waterflow.


Hymn for the Republic

Written By: Loes van Schaijk

Sitting on the least ragged bench in the park
I’m watching the summer grow
All that’s worthy of reminiscing
Has melted with the snow

Neonsigns on worndown shacks
Symbols multiplying
It’s easy to ignore the void
And what it’s signifying

Welcome to grey
All the colors have faded away
Welcome to light
All the streetlamps have whitened out the night

Time’s leftovers spilling over
Concrete roads, concrete walls
Concrete words and concrete souls
Whatever social system reigns
Every heir to power feigns
To have the right to make believe
That everyone is equal

Welcome to grey...

Welcome to love
Is there anyone thinking of us?
Welcome to you
A nation is once more born anew

Mitzi's Meow

Written By: Loes van Schaijk

Ever since you left me I've been quite alright
It doesn't make me lose any sleep at night
But when you made your speech about how much you care
There was one creature's feelings you forgot to spare

It didn't hurt me a bit when you packed your stuff
It was cluttering up my house, I can't thank you enough
But there is one little thing that you shouldn't have done
You hurt my cat's feelings when you went and gone

How could you do this to a feline?
I never should have trusted you to be mine
I wish I had it in me to tear you apart
Cause you really are a dog of a guy breaking a kitten's heart

My cat has lost all interest in food and play
She just sits and stares out the window all day
The place is crawling with mice but she couldn't care less
Your irresistible charm has left the poor thing obsessed

How could you do this...

All of my flowers have died
And even the curtains are turning grey
Ever since you had the nerve to go away
My entire house is in a state of decay

I don't know how much more I can take of this gloom
Even the wallpaper is cracking up in every room
And that is why I see no other way
Than to ask you consider coming home

So this is why I see no other way
Than to ask you to consider coming home today

Further Away

Written By: Loes van Schaijk

I visit her every night at nine
She greets me politely and asks for wine
I check the room to see if she's eaten on time
I ask her how her day has been
She doesn't remember and I need to wipe her chin
I see cigars on the table, wonder how they got in

My sister remembers the house by the lake
And all the winter days we spent catching snowflakes
She remembers the secret hole that we made in the old oak tree
I step forty years back in time every second I spend in her company
She's a living museum of our personal history

The walls are filled with picture frames
Of family and friends, including their names
To guess who's who is one of our games
She's not allowed to go outside
I have the key but I don't tell her where I hide it
She'd take it if she could, and believe me, she's tried it

She thinks I'm the nurse or the maid
And she frowns when I tell her my name
Cause the me she knows is twelve years old
And in her head will always stay the same

My sister remembers the candy we bought
And the candy we stole, and the time we got caught
She remembers the skipping rope songs, the words and the melody
But it's so hard to accept that now that I've gone old and grey
She just cannot recognize the sister she sees here today
And while being so close she has never been further away
Further away, further away

The Wind and the Water

Written By: Loes van Schaijk

The ship set to sail when the weather allowed
But blue skies are clouded in memories now
For the sorrowful widow who mourned for the sailor who drowned
She committed herself to the plan
Of vengeance on that which had murdered her man
So she took on the ocean with her bare hands
And had to surrender again

And I am the ocean
And the tide gives and takes
And if you've lost your heart to the whims of the sea
Please don't blame it on me

I am no sea of tears
I am no mystery
I hold no treasure deep
Promised by poetry
That's lost on me

When she was found near the cliffs on the shore
No sailors ever set sail anymore
And they stayed on the island to honor the girl they adored
Till the day when the storm came to town
And powerful winds forced the villagers down
And still to this day if they hear but a sound
They find themselves pinned to the ground

And I am a rain cloud
And the air goes its way
If you're looking for justice or sympathy
Don't expect it from me

I am no ray of light
I don't have my answers right
I am no painted sky
Or gate to the by and by

I'll deliver your messages day and night
In a bottle or held by a dove in flight
I will carry your vessels to anywhere
And I'll always be there

And I am the ocean...

And I am a rain cloud...

And I am a rain cloud...


Kaleidoscope Tales (2011)

Set List

01. The Boys of Summer
02. Hymn for the Republic
03. Further Away
04. Mitzi's Meow
05. Wandered Off
06. Love Can Be
07. The Wind and the Water
08. Little Ghost
09. Narcissus
10. I Haven't Got All Night
11. Farewell, Farewell
12. Better Left Asleep
13. On the Lookout
14. High Germany
15. Cold Sheets
16. A Daughter's Almanak
17. Traveling Shoes