Lucy Bland

Lucy Bland


Lucy Bland is not a person, they're a band. A band from rainy Seattle who fuses indie rock, folk stories and electronic experimentation into genre-defining works. Led by delicate vocals, intricate arrangements, blip-hop adventurousness and bold instrumentation, Lucy Bland are anything but bland.


Hailing from the rain capital of the country, Seattle, Washington, Lucy Bland fuses the dynamic range of indie rock, the experimentation of electronica, and the story telling of folk into this genre-defining sound. Lucy Bland began in 2005 after Todd Wallar (Omniverse) and Tim Stedman decided it was time to take their electronic noodling beyond the basement. After a few interesting auditions they came across an ad placed by singer/songwriter Cat Biell who was seeking a programmer to work with. After a few months cellist Anil Seth was brought in, and a year later “Lucy Bland’s First Recital” was released. The Debut EP landed them on some of Seattle’s top stages opening for artists Tresspassers William, The Fading Collection, Boat and The Transmissionary Six. The EP received regular airplay from Seattle station KEXP. “It was so good I almost feel like speaking would be a disgrace,” Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger) proclaimed during their KEXP in-studio performance.

In 2006 Anil left the band after earning a doctorate in astronomy. After months of searching, violinist Katie Mosehauer joined the band. Shortly thereafter, Lucy Bland recorded and produced their first full-length effort.

In the past year, Lucy Bland released “Down to Sea Level” to critical acclaim, receiving airplay on college stations all across the country as well charting in the CMJ Top 200! The record garnered shiny reviews from NPR, Three Imaginary Girls, Aiding & Abetting, Pop Matters and more. Seattle's independent weekly, The Stranger, featured Lucy Bland as “Band of the Week” in June.

With the help of their newest members, drummer Chris Icasiano and Cellist Tracy Hagen, Lucy Bland have been packing local venues, sharing the stage with Throw Me the Statue (Secretly Canadian), Visqueen (Blue Disguise), Ms. Led (Fish the Cat Records), Grand Hallway (Sideout), Shane Tutmarc & His Traveling Mercies (Inverness) and Carrie Biell. In April 2008, they went on a West Coast tour to support their album release. Recent show Highlights include Noise For the Needy, Decibel Festival and a benefit show for Girl's Rock. Upcoming events feature the Georgetown Music Festival in Seattle and pending shows in Portland and Bend Oregon. Currently Lucy Bland are working on songs for their follow-up album and plan to release a remix EP in Summer 2009.

“Down to Sea Level, is a soul-warming balm for the endlessly rainy days of their hometown Seattle. It's the sonic equivalent of lazing in a gently swaying hammock, under a cloudless day at the beach”...
-- NPR, Second Stage

"Lucy Bland's songs are composed of all the best parts of Seattle."
--The Stranger, Megan Seling

"Each instrument everyone plays sounds effortlessly appealing within the sound of the songs, but that doesn't mean it is ever boring... This is shiny stuff!"
-- Three Imaginary Girls, Chris Estey

"Tight, mannered pop rolled out with just enough of an off-handed touch. I like the languid feel as well as the keen sense of melody... On the whole, this works like a charm."
-- Aiding & Abetting, Jon Worley



Written By: Cat Biell

We are centuries timeless, trapped, unpaved
your voice poors down on me like the hard rains of may

We are centuries timeless, trapped, unpaved
I Play for you my last resort
Words I couldn't say

And it's strange the way this came into place
In a matter of seconds in the space between footsteps
on that faithful day when I captured your grace
when the night came to soon so I stayed forever late

When I had nothing but this hollow building
sang to my echo you were beckoned to a girl
hiding in the darkest corner of the night

We are centuries timeless, trapped, unpaved
I play for you my last resort words I couln't say.


Written By: Todd Waller, Cat Biell

I'm taking it all off
I'm stripping it down
I'm changing my name back leave it all on the ground
I'm setting myself free here is the key so say goodbye
I'm turning the lights up so there is no place to hide.

I'll forgive you for what you've done
but i'm not bending my knee
I'm trashing the old cliches and i'm singing off key
there will be no haunted dreams because I am wide away
No regretting what I forgot there will be no second takes

There have been so many days I have tried to see through
All of the darkness that came from you
now all of the lights are up I can see everything

I'm taking it all off
I'm stripping it down
I'm changing my name back
leave it all on the ground

Rewrite (New Song)

Written By: Cat Biell

It's time to say you've done no wrong.
You wanted something for yourself and there is no wrong.
You're rewriting your story
without knowing the end.
And you're going back to the way you once were.
You're rewriting your story
because when you left it was for
something you had to have more.
And you're going back to the way you once were.

Sea Level

Written By: Cat Biell

I've come back down to sea level,
collecting driftwood and stones along the shore. I'm quieter now feel no need to make a sound, to fill space when there's never enough anyway.

I can sea level now that you've slowed me down. I can think level now that you've showed me how.

Here we are here we are along the winding shore.

I can sea level now that you've slowed me down. I can think level now that you've showed me how.


Lucy Bland's First Recital - September 2006
Down to Sea Level - March 18 2008
Upcoming Release - Remix EP Summer 2009

Set List

30 minutes-1hour
Depending on the band line-up
Our set changes a bit because we try to play one new song per show.