Lucy Love

Lucy Love

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK
BandHip HopEDM

Scandinavia is bringing heaps of talented cutting edge female artists these days – and Lucy Love is no exception.
Lucy Love is the model of a modern star. She represents an era of cultural flux, where forging your own identity means hard work but great rewards.


Pop, club music, art and technology all come together in her work, all focused towards the expression of her singular vision and personality. Costume, video, dance and design are as important to what she does as her relentlessly hooky grooves and honest, outspoken lyrics. This is where a rich tradition of pop theatrics from Grace Jones and Kraftwerk through electroclash to Lady Gaga comes meet the irreverence and sonic force of the UK underground, Scandinavian craftsmanship and a good dose of southern African party mentality.


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USA: New York, Public Assembly 2013. Austin TX, SxSW 2013.

Australia: Stereosonic Festival 2011 in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth (The biggest electronic music event in Australia)

UK: That Mixmag Thing at The Queen of Hoxton, London 2011. Rinse FM, London 2011. YOYO at Notting Hill Arts Club, London 2010. The Tabernacle, London 2010.

Belgium: Afro C Festival, Bredene 2013. Cubic Clash, Turnhout 2011. Hestival, Wiekevorst 2011. Paenhuys, Hoegaarden 2011. Festival Les Ardentes, Lige 2011. Charlatan, Ghent 2011. Botanique, Bruxelles 2011. Feest In Het Park, Oudenaarde 2010. Dioniss Festival, Ghent 2010. Petrol, Atwerp 2010. Springtime Festival, Halen 2010. Les Nuits, Bruxelles 2010. Modfest, Hasselt 2010. MTV Party Noise, Lige 2009. Anciennes Belgique, Bruxelles 2009.

The Netherlands: Ekko, Utrecht 2011. Vera, Groningen 2011. Oosterpoort, Groningen 2011. Eurosonic Festival, Groningen 2010. Effenaar, Eindhoven 2010. Strawberry Earth, Rotterdam 2010. Atak, Enschede 2010. Luna Pop Festival, Heerhugowaard 2010. Breakfest, Ladgraaf 2010. Festvial De Affaire, Nijmegen 2009. Raw Rhythm Festival, Amsterdam 2009.

France: Art Rock Festival, Saint-Brieuc 2010. Les Invites des Villeurbanne, Lyon 2010. Glazart, Paris 2010. Coca-cola Ski Hotel, Val Thorens 2012.

Italy: Plastic, Milano 2013. Goa Club, Rome 2013. Forte Prenestino, Rome 2010. Italia Wave Love Festival, Livorno Stadium (Underworld support) 2010. 

Spain: BAM! Festival, Barcelona 2013.

Germany: Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg 2011. Seaside Rendezvous, Flensburg 2010. Tape Club, Berlin 2009. Astra Stube, Hamburg 2009.

Sweden: Gothenburg International Film Festival 2014. Way Out West, Gothenburg 2013. Colors at Nefertiti, Gothenburg 2012. Babel, Malmo 2011. Stockholm Kulturfestival 2010. Hultsfredsfestivalen 2009. Sommarscen, Malmo 2009. Roda Sten, Gothenburg 2009. Inkonst, Malmo 2009. Orange, Uppsala 2009. Kagelbanan, Stockholm 2009. 

Norway: Jaeger, Oslo 2011. Nu Music Festival, Stavanger 2009. Parkteatret, Oslo 2009.

Faroe Islands: G! Festival 2010.