Lucy Lunchmouth

Lucy Lunchmouth


A high energy, strong harmony all original bluesy-folk-punk band that is solid in either a plugged in or acoustic setting.


Lucy Lunchmouth has been one of Seattle's favorite underground bands since the mid-90's. Born on the Victory Music folk circuit as an acoustic duo, the band quickly grew in popularity with their interesting blend of songs that swung from tongue-in-cheek-good-time, to intensely serious and introspective.
Over the years, the band added members and morphed several musical styles into a sound that is truly all their own. Former Cashbox Magazine Producer of the Year Robert Metzgar called their style a blend of R&B, Country and Soul, but the sound is so much more than that.
Lucy Lunchmouth has been on innumerable live radio shows, and several live TV appearances, including Nashville Starseek. The band also filmed a video with award-winning director Robert Burke for their #1 hit "Out of Luck".
2005 looks promising for the band, as crowds have been responding well to music for their soon-to-be-released CD, "Don't Blame Me, I Live in a Blue State."
Lucy Lunchmouth's unique sound and history make them ideal for any occasion, and they are comfortable playing at any venue, from a large festival to a tiny coffee shop.


Let it Go

Written By: Lucy Lunchmouth

Well, everybody’s looking in a mirror that is broken
Thinking everything will be all right
It seems they can’t see the image that is grinning on the other side
You may lack a bit of effort but then spend a little longer
On the things you never can decide
Because you don’t have a clue to what the hell around you’s going on

You got to let it go
Let it go
We all know sometimes you’ve got to let it go

Now you can’t say much for something when it turns up to be nothing,
No it’s better just to be sincere
‘Cause if you don’t have a clue you may regret when the end is here
But if you wait a mile longer there may be a clearer marker
To the road you’ve been traveling on
Because it’s never really over ‘til the fat lady sings her song


Written By: Lucy Lunchmouth

I was testing my soul against the phrases of old
Caught up into the words on the page
It was the devious plan of the miracle man
At the forthcoming end of the age
Up on the TV news I saw him introduced
That’s when it all became crystal clear
I dropped down on my knees and called my Sunday school teacher
‘Cause it’s looking like it’s already here

You’re gonna put up a front, and people gonna believe
They only see what they want, but you’re not fooling me

I think you’re loaded, I think you’re pointed at me

I’m sitting down on the couch learning what you’re about
Disbelieving what I see on the screen
People praising, hands are waving at the crap that you’re saying
When they don’t even know what you mean
You fill them full of your lies, putting hope in their eyes
Yeah, they think you’re going to give it for free
Well you can label me a rebel ‘cause I think that you’re the Devil
And you ain’t getting nothing from me

You’re gonna put up a front, and people gonna believe
They only see what they want, but you’re not fooling me

I think you’re loaded, I think you’re pointed at me
And I don’t want to be the one that’s dead on the field

The weak will bow and the wise will run away
But I will throw the ball back any time you want to play

Fall On Your Knees (acoustic)

Written By: Lucy Lunchmouth

Slight mistake, food for the dead
Fooled by a Judas snake
Dull eyes flail to see the light
To seek an objective
And I, hail the ruins of ancient lives
A king nailed to his throne bleeds
As angels grieve at his feet
They fall at his feet

Cold, cold wind blows in my eyes
Blows through the hole in my head
Fate hangs on a beaded jewel around the necks of priests
Who pray for the sinners and the saints of the end days
And all the nameless souls imprisoned in their graves
In an aimless turn of fate where the humane slay the inhumane
For terrain in God’s holy name

Won’t you fall on your knees for me
Life is a martyr of destiny
You open your heart to inhale love but bleed
Won’t you fall on your knees

Empty is the face of charity when pity clouds our generosity
While we eat, while we drink death’s divinity
Won’t you fall on your knees


"The Bare Essentials" 1997
"Exfortuna" 2000
"Don't Blame Me, I Live in a Blue State" 2005

Set List

Whether you're looking for 10 minutes or 4 hours, Lucy Lunchmouth can put together a set to fit your needs. The bands typical night is comprised of two 55-minute sets, but they've played several gigs where sets have lasted for more than two hours.
The band rarely does covers.