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"Performer Magazine (West Coast) Recorded Reviews: Lucy - Winter in June"

Lucy Schwartz is a seventeen-year-old prodigy. She has already accomplished things musicians twice her age have yet to mark off their list, a few of which include winning an international songwriting competition and writing piano pieces at the ripe age of eight. LucyÕs compilation of original songs Winter in June establishes her as a songbird truly wise beyond her years.

The album starts off strong with ÒI DonÕt Know a ThingÓ (the song that won her that competition). In it, Lucy flies a white flag to anyone ready to accuse her of youthful ignorance: ÒFunny faces lineup quick to catch a glimpse / Of a world thatÕs drenched in darkness from a solar eclipse / Only thing I know is I donÕt know a thing.Ó One cannot help but note the similarity in style and melody to that of proven songstress Regina Spektor. Like Spektor, there is lightness in the quality of LucyÕs voice that creates an ethereal feeling and leaves the listener desiring more Ñ exactly what the first song on any disc should do.

ItÕs easy for any young singer to fall into the habit of being safe. Thankfully, Lucy does not. Showcasing her ability to tackle different melodies and arrangements both vocally and instrumentally (she plays the guitar and piano on the album), Lucy strikes a different chord with each of the nine tracks. Compare the jazz-infused pop number ÒStrange Feeling in the NightÓ to the typical acoustic fare of ÒPushed and Pulled,Ó and it is difficult to sense any weaknesses in execution or lyrical penmanship.

Lucy may be young, but she has demonstrated with Winter in June that she will be a force to be reckoned with. In many ways, with this release, she already is.


-Philiana Ng - Philiana Ng

"Your Next Music Obsessions!"

List of up-and-coming artists, picked by influential music supervisors.

Chris Douridas pick: LUCY SCHWARTZ
'An unsigned singer-songwriter who's 18. Her dad was jogging by my house [in Pacific Palisades, Calif.] and handed me her demo. Her songs have the confidence of a woman twice her age.'' - Entertainment Weekly

"The Women (Soundtrack) Editorial Review"

The soundtrack to the 2008 remake of director George Cukor's classic 1939 proto-feminist film, The Women is a frothy and relaxed mix of contemporary singer/songwriter and indie pop. In the liner notes, writer/director Diane English relates that she wanted something reminiscent of the original film's Jazz Age vibe that would also reflect her version's modern point of view. In that sense, you get a healthy dose of such well-regarded artists as Annie Lennox, KT Tunstall, and Feist. Similarly, cuts by such lesser-known but likeminded groups as Goldfrapp and the Bird and the Bee lend a cerebral, airy sophistication to what could have been a rather commercial affair. What is particularly interesting, though, is that with all of these established heavyweight artists on the bill, it's newcomer Lucy Schwartz who gets to bookend the proceedings with her two original songs "Count on Me" (produced by Mitchell Froom) and "Beautiful" (produced by Walter Becker and Larry Klein). With an earnest voice reminiscent of '70s icon Carole King, Schwartz is a perfect torchbearer for the film's female-centric message. Matt Collar, All Music Guide - All Music Guide

"Lucy Schwartz"

Lucy Schwartz: Winter In June
I'm always puzzled when certain female singer-songwriters receive mainstream popularity and media attention while others like seventeen year old Lucy Schwartz remain in the shadows. Lucy's voice as well as her melodies are pretty, and in some cases damn catchy. She plays a superior brand of what would probably be deemed a commercialized pop and acoustic sound if she were more famous. Oh and did I mention her voice was used in Arrested Development?

Tracks like the opener "I Don't Know a Thing" and "Blue Sky" are airy pop melodies that could easily compete with Sara Bareilles in a catchiness contest. "Crooked Box", "High Above", "Pushed and Pulled", and the finale "June" are slightly moodier ballads. These are the kind of dreamy ballads and infectious pop songs that would have been gushed forth by WB teen dramas like Dawson's Creek and Felicity in the 1990s.

"Paper Plane" and "Face Down" stand out by splashing piano pop with a surprising hint of jazz in a way that recalls Fiona Apple's debut Tidal, and "Strange Feeling in the Night" has a more interesting quirkiness that reminds me a little of Gabriela Kulka.

- Maruch: entertainment blog focusing on album reviews

"KGRL's List of Influential CDs of 2007"

Lucy Schwartz - Winter In June
"Winter In June" is a very strong first effort from the young but extremely talented, Lucy Schwartz. Lucy started writing music at a very early age. It’s no wonder, now that she’s 18, how songwriting is like second nature to her. The record is full to the brim of excellent indie pop and jazzy tracks in simple yet effective arrangements. Lucy recently decided to use her whole name because it’s hard for people to look her up. Good move, God knows how many famous Lucy people there are… - KGRL internet radio station


"Gone Away" (single) - 2009 - itunes
"That's the Way We R R" (Mine All Mine single) 2008 - itunes
"The Women" original soundtrack -2008 - itunes, Amazon etc.
Winter In June - 2007 - Available on iTunes, Amazon & CDBaby etc.

yes - there are tracks that have streaming and radio airplay.



Lucy Schwartz is a singer/songwriter with an “old soul” that belies her young age of nineteen. She released a CD of original songs entitled "Winter in June" and is getting ready to record a brand new record this summer!

Lucy has been described as possessing "that rare kind of musicality that feels utterly unforced, with echoes of a young Joni Mitchell or Carole King". Although her influences are varied, the result is a truly original and timeless musical voice. She likes to call her style of music "eclectic pop"-- it's pop infused with a lil' bit of folk, jazz, rock and soul. As one listener put it succinctly,"a little pop, a little jazz, a big beautiful voice, and hell of a lot of agreeable".

Last fall, Lucy wrote two original songs for the opening
and closing scenes of the film,"The Women". The soundtrack highlighted all women artists such as KT Tunstall, Annie Lennox and Fiest and introduced Lucy as an up and coming female artist. This summer, she will hit the big screen once more as her new song, "Turn Back Around", will be featured in the Fox Atomic film, Post Grad Survival Guide, starring Alexis Bledel.

Lucy's music can also be heard on the small screen! Her songs have been featured on the TV series "Reaper","Cashmere Mafia", "Privileged", "South Beach" and "Private Practice". Her singing can be heard on various TV shows including re-runs of the Emmy award winning series, Arrested Development. In fact, the sultry chanteuse of “Mr. F” on Arrested Development is, in truth, the voice of Lucy.

As the winner of the International Songwriting Competition for the Teen Category, winner of the BMI's favorite artist podcast, and Reigning world champion of Tic Tac Toe, it is clear that Lucy is going places--flying up up and away with the help of her magic umbrella...

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