Luddy Mussy
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Luddy Mussy

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Band Rock




"Toad Reviews Luddy Mussy"

"Luddy Mussy is an up and coming band whose music is akin to a hootenany inside a freight train howling down a mountain... blues, rock, country and 'cow punk' all influenced by the likes of the stones, dylan, robert johnson, radiohead, the who, the allman bros, the band, the kinks, kokomo arnold, bowie, t. rex, the strokes, elmore james - you get the picture? Let's get it going at Toad!" - Toad, Cambridge, MA

"WICN Reviews Luddy Mussy"

Luddy Mussy is colorful, almost cartoonish music made by lunatics. With eccentric takes on genres ranging from blues, modern rock, surf rock and folk, Luddy serves up an original little something for any musical palate. An energetic party band with a songwritery twist, Luddy has ripped off various artists from the Rolling Stones to the B-52s. Due to copyright misunderstandings, the band currently resides on a barge in international waters. - 90.5 FM

"Green Line Records"

“South Boston Band Luddy Mussy may be a bunch of jokesters-self-described as belonging to the ‘cow-punk’ genre, and including ‘bad-assery,’ ‘haberdashery, ‘hootenary’ and ‘balderdashery’ as among the band’s talents-but they definitely take their music seriously.” - Green Line Records, Northeastern University


Still working on that hot first release.