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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Big Takeover, Issue 63"

"From the moment Brendan Coon begins his celebratory singing on opener 'Other People's Ghosts', you know you are in for a good time. This is power-pop done right. The chorus of 'Ghosts' is replete with life-affirming wails and pounding drums. 'I Wanna Be Bicycles' is a another short, sharp, hook-laden tune, followed by 'Mary Saves,' which cements Coon as a real contender - a passionate vocalist with charismatic tunes to match. The songs here all manage to walk a fine line, right in the middle, where regret meets uplift. This brief EP is over in a flash, but there's always the repeat button." - Michael Pearlstein

"The Owl Mag"

Looking to dance? Looking to thrash? Looking for something different in a never-ending indie sea? Look no further than the Ludlow Lions self-titled EP. Best described as Brooklyn-dance-disaster-rock, this breath of air can't be missed. - Tania Katherine Dworjan

"MP3 Hugger"

If you are guided by voices then the Ludlow Lions self-titled debut could become your new head coach. - Kevin Dunphy

" User"

For a science project I had the idea that I would listen to the Ludlow Lions EP and try to hate it. So I purchased the album, along with a white lab coat, some copper wiring, rubber tubing, several boxes of beakers, fleakers, and stirring rods. I rented a warehouse space and over the course of 3 weeks I conducted numerous lengthy and detailed experiments, all aimed at proving that I could indeed hate this album. My friends, I could not. So I reconfigured some settings on my Van der Graaf Generator and decided I would change my goal and merely try to dislike the album. I had a few very close calls, but I would always find a miscalculation or an inaccuracy that would negate the rest of my findings. After 3 weeks my grant money had all been spent and my lab assistants were too busy rocking out to the album to provide me with any real assistance. As a scientist I was a failure but as a music lover I feel successful, thanks to Ludlow Lions. - Lonnie Bills

"Sound Opinions"

Good rock songs and great lyrics, they're very energetic. Fantastic live band! - caller Greg from New York




Since 2006, Ludlow Lions live show has been compared to everything from the Talking Heads to The Who.

Their roots suck sustenance from ground made fertile by XTC, Wire, Guided By Voices, Soft Boys, The Jam, Bowie, Costello, and The Pixies. Ever hear of those bands? We have too!

Ludlow Lions have played just about all of the usuals in NYC (Mercury Lounge, Pianos, etc.) and some of the unusuals (Glasslands, La Mama), as well as throughout the Northeast. They've garnered spins on public radio's Sound Opinions, as well as L.A.'s influential Indie 103.1, The Tripwire podcast, Germany's Kontrast Radio and They recently received a glowing review in The Big Takeover, and their EP made Owl Mag's Top 2008 Album List.