Ludo's new rock opera EP, "Broken Bride," is an epic love story told through five tracks of genre-bending narrative. The band jams a record store's worth of influences into a 28-minute journey through time you'll want to take over and over again.


"Our goal?" Andrew Volpe, Ludo's front-man, pauses and reflects in a very rare moment of silence. "To entertain people without making them dumber!"

Perhaps it's Volpe's way with words along with the band's commitment to achieving that goal that has made Ludo so successful in the short time they've been together. The band put out their self-titled album at the end of August 2003, having never played a show. Eleven songs were chosen for the record, ranging in theme from unrequited love to social isolation to high school mythology. All are united by clever, engaging, often hilarious lyrics and Volpe’s unique storytelling ability. Ludo immediately hit the road, playing coffee houses, open-mics, college campuses, and anywhere else people would listen. The album struck a chord with people and touring continued. Ludo brought their heavy-humored, high-energy rock show from New York to LA, selling albums at every stop. Before too long, Ludo was headlining clubs and colleges throughout the Midwest and Texas, playing to crowds that were decked out in Ludo cherries and screaming every word. "We didn't even realize how lucky we were until we started touring with other bands who couldn't believe how intense and devoted our fans were," says drummer Matt Palermo. "Everyone was saying 'cult following' and we didn't get it."

Things only got better as word about the band spread nationally. College radio and several regional commercial stations were responding to the album. Ludo was receiving national exposure through websites like Myspace and Purevolume and even the cable music network Fuse. The band appeared three times on "Daily Download" and their video for Hum Along was featured several times on Fuse programs - a first for an independent artist. "All of a sudden people were showing up in cities we'd never played," says bassist, Marshall Fanciullo. "We got recognized in a Baskin-Robbins in California our first time there. It was crazy."

After a year and a half, over 200 shows, and 3000 copies sold, it was time for a new record. But neither Ludo fans, nor the band members themselves could predict what came next. "We were writing a lot and one song stuck out to us the most. We started playing it live, and the fans really reacted," says Volpe. That song was Broken Bride. It's the story of a man whose wife dies in a car accident and all that he goes through to bring her back. He invents a time machine, which through a malfunction sends him back to the Jurassic period where he gets trapped in a cave surrounded by menacing dinosaurs. "People wanted to know what was next; they wanted to know what happened to the guy and so did we." The band put everything else aside and spent the summer of 2005 writing and recording what became the Broken Bride EP. "We let the story we were telling dictate everything - the songs, the music, the instrumentation." When it was said and done Ludo had created a rock opera - a love story that spanned from the beginning of time to the apocalypse. While Broken Bride was quite a departure from the previous Ludo release (with longer tracks, heavy-metal breakdowns and a heartfelt piano ballad), it still encompassed standard Ludo themes like adventure, fun, and quirkiness. Ludo fans welcomed the release with open arms, and Broken Bride helped expand the fan base even more. Music critics embraced the record as “a rock and roll adventure for the ages" and “a competitor for best EP of the year."

Ludo, which consists of Andrew Volpe (vocals/guitar), Tim Ferrell (guitar/vocals), Tim Convy (Moog/vocals), Marshall Fanciullo (bass), and Matt Palermo (drums/vocals) is based out of St. Louis, MO - or as they call it, "The Birthplace of Rock n' Roll" (Ludo is notorious for their loyalty to all things Chuck Berry, with whom they recently had the pleasure of sharing the stage). The band's success has not been without assistance. They boast one of the most ambitious and aggressive street teams on the independent music scene. The "Ludo Ninjas," a unit over 400-strong, span all across the country. Whether it's grassroots promotion, online activity, radio campaigns or holding program directors hostage, the Ludo ninjas are as much a part of Ludo as the cherries that hang from the "D" in the band's logo. As any St. Louis concert-goer will tell you, rarely can one leave a show without experiencing a "ninja attack."

Ludo shows no signs of relenting in their attack either. The touring continues and with it, songs for a new record. Convy remarks, "We made a record that makes people laugh and another record that makes people cry; with the new songs we want to do both... and everything in between!" And they just might.


Hum Along

Written By: Andrew Volpe

You'll never hear this song
You'll never see the movie in my head
But you infest my sleep, and your figure creeps
Through my walls and hums above my bed
I know your name, and that you're photogenic and tall
But I've never heard you talk
And there's something about you
That stabs me right through
It isn't right for me to paint your picture
Every night, but I do (I canít find sleep)
And it feels so wrong (I breathe too deep), to sing this song (into the sky)
But maybe (as I walk and sing), somehow, you'll hear me (you'll hear a song)
And hum along
You'll hum along, you'll hum along, you'll hum along
And I've only seen you once, at your graduation
No cinematic glow or soft rock soundtrack
And I watched you move and breathe and cry
And it felt so wrong
Maybe you'd be kidnapped by pirates
And they would take you to their hideout
As pirates often do
But I'd find the secret map
And I would vigilante-bushwhack
Through the jungles of Peru
Just to save you and I'd take you north to Mexico
Where you would tell me your life story on the steps of a Mayan temple
Where we'd camp singing nonsense songs in 12 bars to the jaguars, until you'd sense me
Your eyes convincing, and I would kiss you like a hero in the half-light
Dryer sheets and peach shampoo, the smell of palm leaves, I'd sleep against you
Until the natives found us, but they would crown us king and queen
And we could stay there, spend our days there, eating guava by the sea
And I could understand your views and you could fall in love with me
And while the silly human race talks to droids in outer-space
We grow old and laugh about this song
And between the jungle and the stars, you sing nonsense songs in 12 bars to me
And in my sleep I hum along
You'll never hear this song
You'll never see the movie in my head

Part II: Tonight's the Night

Written By: Andrew Volpe

Oh baby, baby, how I lost my mind
Time is quite the killer when you're left behind
The airbag held you 'til the engine slept
At home your pillow cooled while the willows wept.

They come and go, love (Come and go, but they, but they)
But they're all the same (D-da, d-da, da da, da da)
Even big, bad bad-boys get scared at night
It keeps them safe. (At home baby)
I'm gonna throw this rock down (Gonna throw it down, let it roll)
Tonight's the night (Tonight)
I'm gonna go out, fire it up, honey (I'm gonna lose 'em when I)
Gonna turn back time.

Remember in the summer when I held your hand
on the southern shore, finding fossils in the sand
Oh baby, maybe someday you will find me
on that beach beside you again.


Here we go!


I'm gonna save your life.

Part I: Broken Bride

Written By: Andrew Volpe

Fifteen years I raged against the constant C, the speed of light
the diagrams and haunted sleep, frozen sheets, in bed, my dreams
your garden grave, I'd climb inside, hold your bones and slowly die
the cooling space inside your chest, my broken bride, you never breathed
Circuits fail, the cosmic strings like rubber bands, I lose control
they snap, I fall through mist to mud against my face, the taste of blood
the world is strange, the stinking earth and giant trees
through heavy air a demon shrieks, what have I done, what hell is waiting
for me?

I crashed before the birth of Christ
Pterodactyls swarming
You died in 1989
Just wanna get back to that morning in May
Keep you in bed, never escape
Holding you close, oh oh oh-oh-oh
Listen to you breathe the evening glow
of fading light and cooling space.

Like motor oil down my throat, I couldn't speak, I dropped the phone
the burning flares, the steam, your hair, bits of glass, they sparkled
like winter nights, the stars, the ice, all intertwined to hold and keep
like petals pressed in sheets, making love to moonlight in our sleep.
And now above the pits of tar, in a cave I hide
that massive, screaming thing with wings of reaper's cloth, it's standing
just outside
I must get to my machine, I will bring you back to life
fix your ruined lungs, I'll undo what Time has done!


I carve your sweet name into the cave, I'm sure to die
All my strife has been in vain, the glaciers come and wash my words away.



Broken Bride EP - 2005
Ludo (Self-titled) - LP - 2003
Ludo - Love/Hate EP - 2003
AMP 6Pack - Volume 16 (AMP Energy Drink Compilation) - 2004
State of New Music - Discover New Music Vol. 1 (UK Compilation) - 2004
Suckapunch Records' "No Coast" Warped Tour sampler - 2004

Set List

As a full-time touring rock band Ludo is typically asked to play 30-60 minute sets (depending on opening or headlining slots). Original Material includes songs from their self-titled full-length as well as new material. Covers are played sparingly and added to a set just for fun from time to time.

Original Songs:

Saturday Night Thunderbolt
Hello, My Name is Your T.V.
Ode to Kevin Arnold
Girls on Trampolines
Laundry Girl
Air-Conditioned Love
Sara's Song
Love Me Dead
Part I: Broken Bride
Save Our City
Part II: Tonight's the Night
Part III: The Lamb & The Dragon
Part IV: Morning in May
Oceanic Love
Elektra's Complex
Good Will Hunting by Myself
Hum Along


Epic - Faith No More
Burnin' for You - Blue Oyster Cult
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.