New York City, New York, USA

Guitar driven melodic post-rock meets shoegaze.


LUFF, from Brooklyn, NY, create lush and layered soundscapes without sacrificing any of the density and feedback of rock. LUFF is influenced by bands such as Mogwai, Yo La Tengo, and My Bloody Valentine. Originally founded by guitarist and vocalist Sheila Sobolewski as a guitar and cello duo, LUFF has grown into a four-piece rock outfit currently comprised of Sheila, Robin Pickering (Triple Creme) on guitar, Aleks Gylys (Serica Ux, Coulter) on drums, and Mike Hurst (Serica Ux, Coulter) on bass. LUFFÂ’s music can be heard in several short films and documentaries, and Sheila and Robin scored the
documentary Alternative High for Reel Works in 2010.


Blanket Ice

Written By: Sheila Sobolewski

there the traps and mines cease
where our confidence sleeps
the mean reap nothing

she quietly disarms
rebuilds land and farm
and blankets their ice


Through Here Like Our Fathers; February 2012, single from upcoming E.P. "Maybe It's Just Sleeping"
Blanket Ice; full length released 2007
"Jumping Someone Else's Train" cover, from Just Like Heaven compilation Cure tribute; 2009
"Tell Me Why" cover, from Cinnamon Girl, compilation Neil Young tribute; 2007
Tell Me Why/Heart of Gold, split 7"w/ Tanya Donelly; 2007

Set List

Original music with the occasional interpretation of a favorite artist, such as The Cure or Neil Young, or Guided By Voices etc..