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Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico | SELF

Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico | SELF
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"In Dee Mail Special Edition, August 2010: Opus Orange, The Migrant, Joe Gil, Peephole, Ideals, Luge, Sonen, Millstead, Cuckoo Chaos"

Luge – Mexico City, Mexico

Listening to Luge’s music, you probably would never know they are a rock band from Mexico City. Taking that into consideration, and the fact that the band has never been written about online or in print, according to band member Gerardo Ocejo, we wanted to see what others think of Luge’s music; there are glimmers of potential here. Influenced by bands that range from Pixies to The Stones Roses and Fleetwood Mac to AC/DC, Luge released their debut LP on July 12th. - Indie Rock Cafe

"12 preguntas con Luge"

Luge es una banda formada por Bruno Ruiz (guitar/vocals), Gerardo Ocejo (lead guitar), Armando Tovar (bass) y Mario López (drums). Esta agrupación lleva trabajando varios meses y se definen en un género Rock/Pop. He estado cerca en el desarrollo de este proyecto musical y, en lo personal, puedo decir que manejan un estilo muy definido que llama la atención en cada una de sus rolas. Hace unas semanas, después del debut en vivo de Luge en Pasagüero, mi comentario hacia ellos fue: “Son una banda que suena fuerte y afinada”. Los invitamos este jueves 9 de julio a una tocada de Luge en La Bipo (Malintzin 155. Coyoacán. México, D.F.) a las 21:00hrs. Se celebrará también el cumpleaños de su lead guitar Geru, no se lo pierdan. - Bolten Inc.


Heartaches & Sunrises (LP, 2010)
Almost There (EP, 2009)



Luge .. (Fr.) n. \'lüzh\ a small sled that is ridden in a supine position and used especially in competition; also, the competition itself.

The band was formed at the end of 2007. No plans were drawn then, for no destination was known. Before real drums came in, there were 2 guitars, a bass and a mic. Between covers from Pixies, Stone Roses and fellow bands, it was soon discovered that with some fine tuning, the machine could actually work. In May 2009, the band came to its definitive line up: Armando Tovar (bass), Bruno Ruiz (guitar, vocals), Gerardo Ocejo (lead guitar) and Mario Lopez (drums).

Certain of mastering no secrets, the band ran the mile to achieve a 'gig bait' release, "Almost There EP", in which four of six songs (at that time) were included. Along came the shows and support from fellow musicians and the local scene. However, still not satisfied with the track count and overall 'sound' of the production, the band decided to revisit the tracking and expand the repertoire.

On July 12, 2010, Luge released their first LP: "Heartaches & Sunrises". Produced and engineered entirely by band members, it took six months to reach a 'convincing sound' in the mix, considering everything but the drum kit was recorded in a 3" X 9" treated bathroom booth.

Communicating through music is the path to follow. Delivering an enjoyable performance is a continuous and inflexible attempt.

"Luging and singing - neither can be forced" René Friedl.

Nice to meet you.