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Electrifying and tasteful is the only way to describe the groove, sensual piano style of Luggnutt! With melodic phrases and memorable melodies, Luggnutt has delivered exciting and ear pleasing performances, domestically and internationally. Audiences in Las Vegas, Seattle, Hilton Head, Tampa, Atlanta, Houston, Japan, Bermuda, and Jamaica have enjoyed great shows with Luggnutt in the line up. Playing in various styles of music, but bringing them together in a special way called, Lust Jazz, Luggnutt is a true piano and vocal favorite in the entertainment capitol of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Luggnutt has been the musical director for Billy Paul, Drifters, also keyboardist for many vocalist and bands across the United States, on both national and local events. He has opened shows for The Gap Band, Ray Charles, Rick James, Barkays, Rolls Royce and many others. Luggnutt has been organist and keyboardist for several church choirs and gospel functions in the Las Vegas area. He also takes time to perform with charitable organizations such as the March of Dimes, UMC Hospital, and Toys for Tots Christmas Foundation to name a few.

Producer, songwriter, pianist, drummer and vocalist, Luggnutt is a real treat that is enjoyable every show. His new album entitled Pleasing U Pleases Me, puts the lust into jazz and brings about a happy ending. So treat yourself don’t cheat yourself get your copy, and enjoy.


Pleasing U Pleases Me is the current CD released by Luggnutt.

Set List

All shows are entertaining and adaptable to venue, and cover his originals and covers in jazz, soul, r&b, pop, motown, oldies, 50's, 60's, 70's, blues and country. Or can be performed in one genre of music.

Again, Luggnutt takes pride in creating sets for each individual event. Allow us thirty minutes and he can put together and will deliver an elite, quality show that will cater to your theme or event.