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Luh Dizzy

Corona, California, United States | INDIE

Corona, California, United States | INDIE
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Deonte' "Luh Dizzy" Jackson, was born June 30th, 1997 in Hampton, Virginia. Shortly after the birth of his newborn sister, he and his family would eventually move back to his mother's hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, where he would live up until the age of twelve. Growing up in a single-parent home, Deonte's mother would always stress the importance of perseverance and academic excellence. Believing that he could do anything he put his mind to, Deonte' tried his hands at everything from sports and spelling bees to literature and several musical instruments. Successful, but unsatisfied, he quit everything but writing.
Deonte' quickly discovered his passion for writing poetry, stories, and even essays. It allowed him to express his thoughts and escape from a world in which he felt he didn't belong. As he ventured deeper into the art of writing, he had eventually gotten to a point where there wasn't a day that he wouldn't write. Though he loved every aspect of writing, Deonte' almost immediately gravitated towards poetry. His extreme interest in telling a rythmic story began to rapidly grow. With tons of material written and a poem already published, he continued to write. Little did he know, his newfound talent for writing would eventually open doors that he never knew were there.
While having his cousins spend the night for a weekend at his house, they became terribly bored and decided to listen to music on a website they had recently discovered called Annoyed with singing along to hit songs for hours, Deonte's older cousin, Brandon, began to search for instrumentals to rap to. After finding a few, Deonte' and the other boys observed as Brandon showed off his lyrical "skills". Seeing that this was highly similar to what he did everyday (poetry), Deonte' made a bold attempt at a freestyle approach. Failing miserably, his cousins laughed and ridiculed him, but he still didn't give up. He decided he would try a second time. Except this time, he would write his lyrics first. After writing for about 15-20 minutes as his other cousins continued rapping, Deonte' attempted one last time. He began to rap, and it was unlike anything anyone had ever heard from someone that was only ten years old. After having the epiphany of his life, Deonte' discovered that he could rap. "Luh Dizzy" had been born.
Although he had no access to a studio until the age of 12, Deonte' had been writing music since the day he discovered that he could. But when he had finally gotten the chance to record, he was amazingly well-prepared. He went in ready and came out with a hit, entitled "Watch Me". Now two and a half years later, and about 10 songs deep into his debut album, "Boss Mentality", "Luh Dizzy" is about to change the world of hip-hop.