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Amherst Center, Massachusetts, United States

Amherst Center, Massachusetts, United States
Hip Hop R&B




"LuieGo- M.I.A (mixtape)"

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"LuieGo- M.I.A"

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"LuieGo - Keep Facing ( Video )"

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"LuieGo -Keep facing"

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"LuieGo-Keep facing"

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"LuieGo -Keep facing"

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"LuieGo -Keep facing"

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"LuieGo - Keep Facing"

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"LuieGo Glory"

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"LuieGo- keep facing (video)"

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"LuieGo- M.I.A"

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"LuieGo: Oh Girl"

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"LuieGo: Keep Facing (Video)"

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"LuieGo: Keep Facing"

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"LuieGo: Keep Facing"

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"LuieGo: Keep Facing"

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"LuieGo M.I.A (Mixtape)"

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"LuieGo is Back"

Heads up, heads! New England’s own, LuieGo, is steady dropping bombs. He just released his latest music video for his own personal favorite, “Oh Girl,” a beautiful introspection of his characteristic promiscuity. The project has been on the back burner for several months now, after it was originally recorded around the time of his first mixtape. Something clicked recently, however, motivating the young and talented rapper to remaster and drop the song, with new ethereal visuals concocted by Faarooq Sahabdeen & Evan Gooden.

LuieGo is still repping Amherst to the fullest after refreshing his movement with a new moniker for his dedicated fanbase, ‘eGOmaniAKs.’ He is a vibrant example of how the mind will flourish when it embraces its own creative function, with zealous pride. - Blind Mouse Entertainment

"LuieGo: Your New Favorite Hero"

LuieGo (a.k.a. Luis Fernandez) is the rapper of the future. Raised in Western Mass and claiming Amherst as his home, LuieGo shines as an individual in today’s overcrowded rap world. He has gained a notable following of respecting fans and longing groupies through his wild local performances. Twenty-year-old LuieGo is set to blow; this is a spitter you truly shouldn’t sleep on.

LuieGo’s mind is always concentrated on one of two things, his bars and his bitches. I have never met someone who can freestyle with his level of intricate skill and confidence (nor have I met any man with as many women in his life). His presence in any given room is akin to that of a rap star. His demeanor demands attention, and so does his music.

He stands out from the mob of currently active rappers because of his upbringing. Amherst is an eclectic and multi-cultural breeding ground for basedboys. As a dedicated Lil B fan, Luis cites ‘The Basedgod’ as his largest influence. When listening to his versatile vocal styles, it becomes clear that he has experience speaking faster languages than english. After one listen to his lightning multi-syllabic delivery, it is impossible to withhold your respect. - Blind Mouse Entertainment


Still working on that hot first release.



The artist’s real name is Luis Fernadez but goes by LuieGo. He was born on April 10th 1992 in Florida but moved to Amherst Massachusetts, where he found his love for music. When Mr.Fernadez first started getting into music, he was really into Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh, so at any time of the day when one would see him he can always be found beat boxing. This changed when he became his best friend, Young Vocals hype man and all it took was opening up for the legendary group Dead Prez, before he started writing his own music and representing Amherst Massachusetts to the fullest.

On May of 2012, LuieGo released his first mixtape "MIA" which crashed blogs and websites based on the quality of the tape, to having the opportunity to open up for Mateo (Interscope RnB artist) at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York. After the performance at the Apollo Theatre, LuieGo realized that his music was highly being paid attention to and was touching people in everyday life situations. This is about the time period that his eGOmaniAKs movement started. For everyone that is an eGOmaniAK and listens to his music, each one seems to have a different meaning for what eGOmaniAKs mean to them. For LuieGo, he believes that being an egomaniac is usually seen as a bad thing that isn't accepted by the society. This is his opportunity to make a stance for his movement because if you are and live by your own definition of an eGOmaniAK, there's no surprise to how he has survived life and death situations. The difference between an egomaniac and his eGOmaniAKs varies. An egomaniac is one that is heavily obsessed with his or her own desires, needs and interests, an eGOmaniAK is simply one that won't be stopped from achieving success and has nothing but the best intentions of achieving this success with his team, together as one and not concentrated with personal intentions. LuieGo reassured himself about the movement, when he realized that the movement consisted his own name on it, "GO" and as well as the AK, which means "Amherst Kids". In other words, everything that he has learned while growing up and becoming an adult as an Amherst Kid is his best asset when it becomes to being an eGOmaniAK.

LuieGo's next Mixtape, "Authentic Thoughts" which debuts May 12th, 2013 will make a statement of why his voice is entirely needed in Hiphop and what he has to exactly offer. To make this possible, he has his own personal producer, BDSM whom he works with to bring his imaginative ideas to "Authentic Thoughts".

On May 20th of 2013 at The Elevens Bar in Northampton Massachusetts, LuieGo and his eGOmaniAKs live band, that consists of Saxophone, Bass, Piano and drums artists, will start the tour and travel through the United States ending up in Stockholm Sweden and Dominica Republic which is, his mothers and fathers native country.

LuieGo has become the President of The Lupus Foundation Of Western Massachusetts which is a non profit organization that will be entirely focused on putting on a Lupus Awareness Festival on our town common, with all of the proceeds being donated to Bay State Hospital in Springfield Massachusetts and Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton Massachusetts. His older sister, Johanna Acosta Mercedes is affected by the disease, and for LuieGo and his team, setting up a day full of music and arts with the mission of spreading awareness of the Lupus Disease, is the most meaningful way to show her support.

There's more to LuieGo than what meets the eye, which is why with the music that he is creating now, he will be able to reach out to the future generations as well as, having generations look back at what he has accomplished as an artist that entered Hiphop as a beat boxer.