Luis Diaz y Los 5 del Son

Luis Diaz y Los 5 del Son


The astonishing voice of son maestro Luis Diaz come from Ciego de Avila in Central Cuba. Their repertoire combine traditional songs as well own compositions from Luis and the bandleader Alfredo Pérez. Presenting their actual album ‘Mi identidad’ it’s just pure and powerful Cuban Son!


Known for his unique voice, Luis Diaz is a prominent representative of Son music. The all-round talent performs all typical rhythms of Cuban music, the slow Bolero, the fast Mambo and the lively Guaracha.

Together with his band “Los 5 del Son“, he inspires auditors all over the world.

Luis Diaz was born October 10th 1942 in Ciego de Avila, a province in central Cuba. Pretty soon the people there recognized his musical talent. In 1958 he started a professional career as a singer with “Conjuncto Parrada Guajira“ and shortly after that he began his own shows in front of national and international audiences.
With the song “La Caringa“, Luis Diaz shortly had his first big success and until today this song is well known in Cuba.

His qualities as performer were appreciated in many countries and brought him awards and honours, like for example the gold medal in the category best soloist at the festival Folk-music in Bulgaria in 1974.
Recently his artistic lifework was awarded as “personalidad de la cultura cubana“, the highest award of Cuban culture.

Luis Diaz emphasises his proficiency as bolero- and son-singer, as well as composer with his current CD “Montuneado“. He is accompanied by his band “Los 5 del Son“, consisting of talented musicians such as the brothers and percussionists Alberto and Cirilo Crespo, Andy Ruiz playing the Trés, Ivan Jimenez on trumpets and bassist Alfredo Pérez as musical director.

Luis Diaz y los 5 del Son – the essence of Son Cubano
An inspiring Cuban band!


2004 – Montuneando – (Producciones Colibri, CD 026)
2008 – Mi Identidad – (endirecto ECD015)

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pure and powerful son cubano