Luis Fernando Puente (To Icarus With All Sincerity)

Luis Fernando Puente (To Icarus With All Sincerity)

 San Antonio, Texas, USA

Chill, indie acoustic and electric, for the college band lover.


Indie Rock, composed of three members, formerly released a solo acoustic project Album "Luis Fernando Puente, Brighten Up" And is now playing full band with influences form other artists such as Modest Mouse, and Silversun Pickups.


The Rescue

Written By: Luis Fernando Puente

Do you suffer much because you don’t have any money? your parents took everything away, and you think your life sucks, your computer is gone, and they also took your cellphone away, now you cannot text, and you begin to cry, then you’re just like every one else, a spoiled rotten child, don’t you know there’s people in the world who suffer more than you? and they’re the ones allowed to cry, because they are the ones, they’re the children that nobody knows, and they don’t have much but don’t need much, you cry because you cant see your friends, well they cry cuz they cant see their families, you are forced to clean your room, they are forced to kill other people, don’t you know how blessed you are so why do you cry?, so brighten up and open your eyes, cuz they’re the ones that need your help


Solo acoustic album, "Brighten Up"

Set List

6-7 songs, no covers, all averaging about three minutes each.