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luisito rosario y orquesta

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The best kept secret in music


"Rumba en el Barrio"

Let me cut to the chase, this is a very good record. Luisito is out to"sacar al bailador de la rutina" - I love that coro. In fact, is the oneCD that in recent times has spent the most time in my player after classicFania stuff. Granted the musical landscape is almost barren, and the casecould be made that any halfway descent record could raise eyebrows. Islike being in the desert and quenching your thirst with a drop of stalewater. Not the case with this record, for it has all the necessaryingredients that should make Luisito Rosario a flat out house hold name inthe genre. With 11 tracks, out of which, one is an extended version of atrack already in the record; Rumba del Barrio is an extremely high energydance oriented production tailored for the dancer and the listener. Thelatter perhaps to a lesser degree only because, for my taste, some of thelyrics could be a bit cliche-ish and run of the mill. Take for example "El Guiso", a.k.a "si tu cosinas como caminas me como hasta la.... (fillin the blank)". Can you believe that a whole track/song was made up outof that? The most overdone over killed phrases in all of Latin Americanculture. On second thought - It takes a whole lot of creativity to dothat. Contrasting that, you have a track that's dedicated to the lateCelia Cruz. Folks, for a decade I endured horrible songs that paid homageto the lady. Tribute songs done by artists that no one knew or cares toremember, at least 10 years before Celia ultimately died. Others came fromartists that should've done a much better job. Authored by Evelio Fuentesand Jesus Alejandro, Luisito Rosario vocalizes one of the better tributesongs to the lady. And that's the thing about this production that makesme want to listen over and over again, Luisito's ability to vocalize andinterpret each song the way a genuine salsero de la mata would do. Fromthe arrangements to the overall production, there's a certain sense of newcar smell that just stays with you long after you started the engine anddrove a hundred thousand miles. Maybe the fact that the entire productiontook place in Montreal Canada, away from the usual players in NYC, PuertoRico, and Miami has something to do with that. Eventhough his productionstend to be too much about "el niño", I got to give credit to Jesus "elniño" Alejandro for this one. He found a way to stay in the background andmade this record all about Luisito Rosario - and how good it is. - Nestor Louis


A modern "Salsa Dura" essential.,
Luisito Rosario is an excellent sonero who takes pride in having been heavily influenced by yesteryear's legendary salsa soneros. This excellent CD is a throwback to New York salsa's golden era (the 1960s and'70s) and Luisito's improvisational skills are nothing short of phenomenal. If it's true that "Salsa Dura" is making a comeback then this cd must be considered an "ESSENTIAL" for all serious salseros.
- Justo Roteta

"Radio Universidad WRTU.ORG 89.7 FM Puerto Rico"

El segundo grupo recoge la salsa en la era de MTV (1980) con letras románticas y arreglos homogenizados. Es lo que algunos llaman despectivamente “salsa monga”, un estilo que busca resaltar el trabajo de los vocalistas.Por otro lado, la salsa clásica, también conocida como “salsa gorda” o “salsa vieja”, se caracterizó por su ritmo agresivo y atractivo para los bailadores.
En el siglo 21 han sido los sellos independientes y los trabajos de algunos músicos desconocidos los que le han extendido la vida a la salsa que se hace para los bailadores en la tradición de la salsa clásica. Un ejemplo elocuente de esa salsa brava que mueve el cuerpo lo es el disco más reciente del cantante Luisito Rosario titulado “Rumba del Barrio”.
El disco se titula “Rumba del barrio” y presenta once temas netamente bailables. Se destacan las composiciones del pianista de la banda Jesús “El Niño” Alejandro y de Evelio Fuentes. Títulos como: “Son pa` Puerto Rico”, “La salsa buena” “Camina ahora”, “Mi rico mambo” y “Homenaje a Celia Cruz”, “El guiso” y “Rumba de Barrio” dan una idea de los temas livianos, guaracheros y pegajosos que se escuchan en este trabajo.
Los arreglos proyectan energía y afinque con un buen balance de sonido que no opaca al cantante ni esconde la orquestación. En cuanto a la voz de Luisito, tiene buen timbre.
El disco “Rumba del barrio”, la segunda producción discográfica del cantante, fue editado por el sello Mambo City y distribuido por Discos Fuentes. Es un disco para los salseros que aún siguen buscando el sabor, la energía y la cadencia de la salsa gorda “pal bailador”.
Nuestra calificación en una escala de 0 a 5 radios: 4 radios.
- Elmer Gonzalez

"Salsa Dura"

11 traccie per il cantante L.R. ad aprire il cd è rumba del barrio, davvero un ottimo brano, carico di ritmo ( come lo è, del resto tutto il cd)...impossibile stare fermi su una canzone del genere..segue un bel Son- cha-cha, quarta traccia è
1-800-quiereme che troviamo anche in versione remix di Ricky Campanelli, tutte le traccie sono ballabili, un buon cd che merita di essere suonato e ballato - DJ LATINO ITALY

"Con Salsa Dura"

Luisito Rosario is an experienced singer who worked with the Fania All Stars, Los Hermanos Moreno and Hechizo; he also recorded a solo album titled "Luisito Rosario" with arrangements by Cuto Soto (Marc Anthony), Lucho Cueto (Tito Nieves) and the late Martin Arroyo (Los Soneros del Barrio) and still makes appearances with Harlow’s “Latin Legends Band", Rumba del Barrio Con Salsa Dura has most of its tracks arranged by Jesus El Nino Alejandro (Edwin Bonilla) and is filled with straight forward old school hard salsa, charanga, son, mambo and guajira. Musicians: Jesús "El Niño" Alejandro, piano/tres/flute/percussion; Edward Maldonado, bass; Kiko Osorio, timbales & coros; Gregory Moya, congas/bongos/cowbell; Edward Sánchez, trumpets; Serge Arseneauld' 1st trombone; Jordan Martínez, 2nd trombone; Richard Boudin, baritone sax. ++Rumba Del Barrio ++1-800-Quiéreme ++Homenaje A Celia Cruz ++Mi Rico Mambo ++Mala Mujerr; ++1-800-Quiéreme (Remix). -

"Latin Beat"

Laser luster ...Luisito Rosario's new CD Rumba del Barrio (Mambo City) shines wherever the laser beam hits, and as a graduate of the "Larry Harlow University of Salsa,"Rosario demonstrated at La Maganette, on April 20, that his orchestra is every bit as tight and dynamic live as it is on disc. Rosario is not just another youthful, handsome face fronting a band--he is a gifted sonero and an able and serious bandleader who has traveled throughout the world with Larry Harlow's Latín Legends band, sharing stages with Yomo Toro, Adalberto Santiago, Ismael Miranda, Junior González and Cano Estremera.
Rumba del Barrio, Rosario's second release, caters strictly to hardcore salseros with its hard-driving, no-nonsense approach, and contains a great deal of original material arranged by the production's pianist Jesús "El Niño" Alejandro, with Edward Maldonado (bass), Kiko Osorin (timbal), Gregory Maya (conguero/bongocero), trombonists Edward Sánchez, Sergio Arseneauld, and Jordan Martínez, and Richard Bandin (baritone saxophonist). Alejandro and Osorio handle the coros.

Written by Vicki Sola
- Vicki Sola


Même si c'est un peu tôt pour le dire, le nouvel album Rumba Del Barrio de Luisito Rosario risque fort d'être parmi les meilleurs albums de l'année.
Les quelques titres promo reçus 1-800 Quierieme et surtout Rumba Del Barrio annoncent la couleur: préparez vous, ce sont des 'smoking tracks' ! -


Cantante Latinoamericano cresciuto in New Jersey, esce alla ribalta con questo nuovo Cd salsero 100%. Già Hit su QueRitmo Webradio con "Rumba del Barrio", potrebbe essere un prodotto per gli amanti della "Salsa Dura" ma, francamente, non ci sentiamo di considerarlo un chicca del genere; l'importante è che tutti i restanti 10 brani del cd sono superballabili ed accattivanti. Non è stato ancora licenziato in Italia ed esce, quindi, come Cd di importazione. Il prezzo - Que Ritmo Latin Radio Web Italy


Rosario, best known for his work with Larry Harlow’s Latin Legend’s band, can swing, and he does it old-school. Working with the producer Jesus “El Nino” Alejandro, who helped Edwin Bonilla on his fine records, Rosario has put together a modern salsa record that exemplifies the salsa gorda movement. The percussion doesn’t hide, and the arrangements, full of hard horn riffs, drive the music. Rosario can sing, and the music gives way to let his voice make its statements. The tempos change a bit, giving the record both dance floor appeal — it’s a natural for djs — and living room value. - Peter Watrous


self- intitled Luisito Rosario / Luisito Rosario
Rumba Del Barrio

single with Larry Harlow's 35th Anniversary album
Have streaming video and music and airplay on directtv and comcast also myspace


Feeling a bit camera shy


Luisito Rosario is an experienced salsa singer
who is blessed with a beautiful voice, a charismatic,
and commanding stage presence, and Hollywood looks.

Luisito was born with a bang, and the fireworks that
are common on the 4th of July. He was raised in
Hoboken, New Jersey. He now lives in Allentown Pa.
where he is focusing on his singing career.

The proximity of New York City, across the Hudson
river where salsa started in the sixties influenced
Luisito's formative years listening to all the salsa
legends of the decade.

His appreciation for the greats of the era, especially
the members of the Fania All Stars along with his
Puerto Rican roots, inspired Luisito to pursue a singing
career in this genre of Latin music.

In 1996 the legendary Larry Harlow from Fania All Stars
hired Luisito Rosario to be his lead vocalist for his
orchestra. It's been nine successful years, and they
are still going strong. They recently performed in
Caracas, Venezuela to thousands of salsa lovers. Luisito
recorded "Tumba Y Bongo" in 2002 for Larry Harlow's 35th
anniversary cd where he along with Mr. Nestor Sanchez
recorded all the background vocals.

In 1996 Luisito joined the popular salsa band in New York city
" Grupo hechizo", and recorded lead vocals in their 1998
cd "Sin Limites"which charted in the Top Five of the New
York city record pools. Luisito toured the Caribbean Islands
and the US as Hechizo's lead vocalist.

Luisito's popularity exploded in 1999 when he toured Europe,
and the US with Los Hermanos Moreno.

Luisito teamed up with Mambo City Music LTD in 2001,
and launched his first solo career with "Jurame" showcasing
his salsa roots. The cd includes arrangements by Cuto Soto
and Lucho Cueto whom have arranged for Marc Anthony
and Tito Nieves.

Luisito latest recording RUMBA DEL BARRIO showcasing
the type of salsa that's popular with the hard core salseros.
This new production includes Charanga , Son, Mambo,
Guajira and just straight forward old school style salsa! But
very special to Luisito, will be a song dedicated to the late
queen of salsa "CELIA CRUZ". He also had the honor of singing
this song to Celia's husband Pedro Knight on thehighest rated
morning show DESPIERTA AMERICA!! This cd will be mostly
dedicated to all the salsa lovers of the world. Rumba Del Barrio
is being chart on most DJ record pools in the #1 spots!! Also
1 800 QUIEREME and 1 800 QUIERME REMIX are both
DJ'S and DANCERS favorite!!!

For Luisito salsa has always been popular, even before
Ricky Martin's" La Vida Loca ". Luisito says "salsa is
who we are, it is part of our culture. Salsa keeps our Latino
communities united. It brings us happiness and feeds our soul ".