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Luis Resto

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Longtime Eminem collaborator and co-writer of "Lose Yourself", Luis is one of the most creative, diversely accomplished musicians currently working in Detroit, his stylized musical textures were highly influential in the development of the groundbreaking Detroit avant-funk ethos of Was (Not Was).


One of the most creative and diversely accomplished musicians currently working in Detroit. Resto's musical textures, unmistakably recognizable, were highly influential in the development of the groundbreaking Detroit avant-funk ethos of Was (Not Was).

A highly acclaimed and in-demand Detroit session musician, Luis has played in support of artists such as Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, George Clinton, Stevie Nicks, and the legendary Highwaymen (Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson & Johnny Cash).

He has also collaborated with Marshall Mathers on every Eminem album since "The Eminem Show", composing & arranging music for the hugely successful "8 Mile" film and co-wrote 8 songs for the soundtrack album. The smash single, "Lose Yourself," became the most successful single of Eminem's career; 12 weeks at Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, garnering Resto, Eminem & Jeff Bass both an Oscar & a Grammy for their efforts.

His new album, "Combo De Momento", showcases Resto's eclectic compositional style, a potent hybrid of rock, jazz, electronica & soul, fleshed out by his superb performing lineup of Mario Resto on guitar/percussion; Paul Nowinski on acoustic bass & the renowned Keith LeBlanc on drums.

Highly pedigreed, the band's experience & skill in the craft of recording is firmly evidenced on the studio side of "Combo De Momento". Edgy sci-fi retro-soul ("Effigy") flows seamlessly into jazzy, circa 1959 ambience ("Olivia") before morphing into the celebratory high-life inflected "Olivia Bop". The vibrant freshness and improvisational ferocity of the band's performing chops is stunningly evident on the B-side of the album, recorded at a club date during the band's performing nascency.

"Combo De Momento" is a powerful testimonial to Resto's drive, creativity & perseverance. This is the real deal: classic Detroit music, circa 2010, clearly alive & well.


With an All Music Guide listing steadily moving towards 200 entries, Luis has amassed a voluminous list of credits with relatively little fanfare. He has surreptitiously played/produced/written songs for some twenty-five Top 5 album releases in the past ten years, some fifteen of which reached the coveted Number 1 position on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.

Mario Resto is an accomplished writer and musician with two independently released discs (Scenes From The Reality and Radio) under his own name. Luis credits Mario as his inspiration to become a musician.

Paul Nowinski played New York club dates with the legendary Les Paul for eight years. After being introduced to Keith Richards at one of the Iridium jam sessions, Paul spent more than a year and a half playing and recording with the Stones guitarist at his Connecticut home. He has also recorded and/or toured with Rickie Lee Jones and Hubert Sumlin.

Keith LeBlanc first came to notoriety from his work as part of the Sugar Hill house band, recording on early hip-hop tunes such as the Sugarhill Gang's "The Rapper", Grandmaster Flash's "On The Wheels Of Steel." He's a core member of Tackhead; produced, mixed or remixed music by Nine Inch Nails, Afrika Bambaataa and Living Colour; and played drums/percussion on albums by Annie Lennox (Diva); R.E.M. (Green), Seal (Seal); Tina Turner (Wildest Dreams); Depeche Mode (Ultra); and ABC (How to Be a...Zillionaire!) and many others.

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