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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Da Real Deal Musical"

Susan Hayes from The National on Global T.V. states " Da Real Deal is truly a hidden masterpiece. Lui, L. Vision and Cammie, take the stage and absolutely blow your mind. Whether it be the enchanting voice of singer/rapper/reggae artist Cammie Lymrix, the carefully orchestrated beats and entertaining style of L. Vision, or the incredible, unique rapping style of that Italian kid, Lui( I've never heard anyone rap on such diverse topics, and it was amazing). This musical has the potential to be the biggest thing in Canada, and these proving artist are the reason why"
- The National-Global T.V.


Life With Lui (EP)

Lui Will Prosper
First Hand Perspective
Confused Gangsta's
The Passion of the White
Bad Man Revolution
All We Need


Feeling a bit camera shy


No stranger to the streets, Luigi Vocaturo, aka Lui, has utilized his unique life experience by creating the most potent, yet carefully structured music of his time. He is an Italian hip-hop artist with the gift of lyrical diversity. Influenced by what musicians such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Notorious B.I.G., Micheal Jackson, etc. have done. His Italian background and his everyday urban life and has amalgamated the two to come up with his own unique style of new wave rhymes. His love for all types of music has impacted his life by providing him with the ability to be lyrically diverse in his hip-hop lyrics. Lui uses music as a reflection on his life and others, which give his rhymes, poetry and songs, passion, strength and meaning.

Lui’s has dedicated three years of his life to the ActOut Project, which is an organization that specializes in Innovative Education and Educational Theatre. Lui came on first as a volunteer and then as a paid artist for his contribution as an artist, musician and a writer. Lui has starred in several musical productions across the city. He has had major roles in “Da’Real Deal musical production” formed at Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young people, “Twelve Knight the coming of a new dawn” performed and Equity ShowCase and “Drugs is My Witness” performed at Theatre Passe Maruel.

Lui, known for his political rhymes, has become a key player in the delivery of political lyrical messages in the community, especially after receiving over ninety-five stitches to the back of his head, in what witnesses dubbed “ The most devastating act of violence they have ever seen on a human being” . It is experiences like this that have given Lui the chance to integrate his life with his music, and is just one of the reasons why he has been requested to perform at the annual M.B.A symposium in Barrie three consecutive years in a row.

Lui is not just an artist; he also has a keen interest in the business aspect of the entertainment industry. He has recently graduated from Harris Institute for the Arts, in the recording arts management program. He is currently managing two groups, one is a hip-hop group called Blueknight Connections and the other is a punk rock band called Explicit Authority. Lui has devoted his life, to the music industry in an attempt to help maintain the original quality and the integrity of Hip-Hop. As he is a true believer in the art of music.