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Luiz e a Lata, one of the most promising bands in Portuguese pop music, who have released their first record “Andei…” in 2005, are back with their second album “9”, containing 12 new tracks and an EPK featuring an interview with Luiz Caracol and Ivo Costa, two of the founding members of the band.

Luiz e a Lata’s new album “9” speaks in a direct way about everyday themes, while the music balances the lyrics, and consequently the elements present in them. In this album the Portuguese culture is even more present in the Luiz e a Lata’s specific language that is characterized by opposing elements of traditional music to pop structures and sounds, using instruments such as the accordion, the cavaquinho or the Portuguese guitar.

The word that best defines Luiz e a Lata is simplicity. Everything that dispenses with what is merely an accessory is simple: something that serves the original flavour, without trying to spice it up, beyond what is needed. And the album “9” shows us that simplicity and the consistency of a band that will have much more to offer to the Portuguese music.


"9" Cd | DVD

Set List

Palavras ocas
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: Gonçalo Pimenta

Ninguém vê
Music and Lyrics: Luiz Caracol

Como um pintor
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: Ivo Costa and Luiz Caracol

Começamos ao contrário
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: João Félix

Ai pode
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: Célia Aldegalega

Seria bom (Azul)
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: Rui Costa and Luiz Caracol

Plágio de mim ( with Rão Kyao)
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: Ricardo Gageiro and Luiz Caracol

É bom ouvir (A lata)
Music and Lyrics: Pablo Banazol

Mundo algum
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: Pierre Aderne

Se… O quê?
Music: Luiz Caracol | Lyrics: João Dionísio and Luiz Caracol

Vira quase nada
Music and Lyrics: Luiz Caracol

Crioula (with Sara Tavares)
Music: António TC Cruz | Lyrics: António TC Cruz and Luiz Caracol