Luiz Murá/ MiraMundo

Luiz Murá/ MiraMundo

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Cool, international mix of cultures, Relax, fun, emotional and rhythmic. caña!


Luiz Murá is a singer-songwriter-composer born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. Released in 2008 his debut album "Juquehy" that means "singin sands" in Tupi-Guarani. Since then played all over the world including Brazil, United States, Spain, Sweden, Austria and Denmark. Since 2010 plays at the Parc Güell in Barcelona performing street music. In 2012 Released in Europe his second album "Murá & Unit" together with the swedish band "Unit".
This year starts to prepare his new solo album "En Barcelona" with percussionist Fidel Minda(equador) and violinist Agostino Aragno (Italy).
Collaborated musically with many artists like Maria Gadú,
Thais Bonizzi, Luiz Guello, Sylvinho Mazzuca, Sebastian Notini and Ricardo Vogt.

Influences are everything that touches you heart and your soul , musically or not.

MiraMundo, an word music, jazz, funky experience that will make your heart groove.


Lights and bikes (according 2)

Written By: Luiz Murá

It's sunday night and the wind is blowing strong
And we went out, to see if we could get along
We heard the sounds of the city lights and bikes
And we could've found a big mountain to hike

But we got lost, under the rain
and we got lost
and we got lost

According to my brain it's falling on again
like a rose can feel pain we can make it ou
There is another way we could loose or we could say
that our love is everyday
we can make it out


Juquehy - 2008
Maria Gadú ao vivo multishow - 2010
Luiz Murá and Jazz Unit - 2012
Luiz Murá Miramundo - 2013

Set List

depends on the gig
usually 2 hour show with a lot of improvisation songs and own compositions