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Toronto, ON M4E 2X9, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Toronto, ON M4E 2X9, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Folk Singer/Songwriter




"Luke Nicholson makes musical Mad Love"

I’m always a big fan of musicians who prominently feature keyboards in their songs. Whether piano or synth, it’s something that connects me on a slightly deeper level with a song or an artist, as a player of keys myself.

This may explain why my heart did a little happy dance with the discovery of Canadian singer/songwriter (and pianist and guitarist…) Luke Nicholson. His third album, Mad Love, is shaking it up on the Canadian airwaves these days and with good reason: his sound is so easy to listen to with lush arrangements and sing-a-long tracks. The perfect album to welcome spring because it makes you want to throw open the windows and let the sun shine in.

I had a chance to pose my FQQ (Four Quick Questions) to Luke:

1. You really seem to be getting a lot of traction with this latest album. How have you found this record different from the previous ones, both from creation to audience response?

L: On previous albums (Separate Notes, Satellites): Records I made in the past were great experiences but I was still growing up as an artist while recording them, so to speak; naïveté on my part allowed those around me to get their stamp on things. This time around I made an album that pushed me creatively, and one that completely captured who I am, I think that is reflected in the audience response.

My fans are a little older now and they relate to my life experiences as I do. I guess I’ve really made my self more accessible to my fans by being more honest and open as a songwriter…it in turn has created a bigger connection.

2. What was it like having your brother involved with this one?

L: It is always nice to have family help out…it is of course great when they also happen to be a Juno nominated song writer…Royal lent his voice to a couple tracks singing harmonies and back ups on The Getaway and We All Need. He and I have this great symmetry with our voices when we harmonize together going back to our days in high school.

3. What comes first when you craft your songs: words or music?

L: It is never the same twice really…some songs are a rhythm thing, others the inspiration comes from a single phrase or word, others it is definitely all about the melody and then trying to shape words or phrases around the notes.

4. Mixtape challenge! If you had to create a mixtape that would provide the soundtrack to your life right now, what and who would be on it?

L: That’s such a great question!! Let’s see:

Sam Roberts -Uprising down Under (truly a beautiful and inspiring song by one of Canada’s greatest songwriters, also happens to have profound sentiment to my wife and I)

The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down/ Rain (I make it a rule to have two Beatles songs on any mix tape)

The Lumineers – Ho Hey (I just wish I wrote it!!!)

The Beta Band – Dry The Rain (It’s about speaking up and speaking out, being heard..and I am definitely doing that right now)

Sly and The Family Stone – Everyday People (this song could describe me every day, I am quite simple with my wants and needs, and am quite accessible to anyone who wants to listen)

Take a listen and if you like it, head over and vote him up on CBC Radio 2 or buy Mad Love. It’s good stuff. - Little Red Mix Tape

"Big Money sound"

The third album from Nicholson has a big-money sound framing a fetching retro-pop song collection about a romance that led to his marriage. The lead single, "All Night Fever", has given lift to the nine-songs backed by seasoned musicians who add colour and drama to the singer's soulful pop vocals. Listen closely and you get a sense that Nicholson is a romantic and a Brit pop loyalist, with strains of Ray

Davies, Steve Harley and the "All You Need Is Love" session woven into his melodic tote bag of songs. How this fits into today's dance-pop scene is unclear, but it hasn't been an obstacle for Phillip Phillips or The Lumineers.

David Farrell
- David Farrell- New Canadian Music

"Luke Nicholson Digs Deep For Mad Love"

A lot has happened in the life of Toronto musician Luke Nicholson in the two years since the release of his acclaimed record Satellites. Most notably, Nicholson is a happily married man now which has, not surprisingly, become a running theme throughout his newest record, the pop-infused Mad Love.

Produced by drummer/percussionist Roger Tavassos (Nelly Furtado, Jacksoul) with songwriting assistance from Royal Wood and Adam King, Nicholson will be the first to tell you that he feels Mad Love is possibly the most accurate representation of his work to date.

He is set to perform at Plan B Lounge, located at 212 St. George Street, Friday night. The show time is set for 8 p.m. as part of Musik Central’s The Fall of Rock. His show will be followed by a performance by local band Rockabilly Rednecks.

“In the past, I have never gone into making my records with having a theme that was central to the songs,” Nicholson explains. “But with Mad Love, the whole concept of the record was to try to make an album where the songs do happen to share a theme. When I was writing this record, it just happened to coincide with me having gotten engaged and then married. It is a record that is centred all on relationships.”

Nicholson’s journey into wedded bliss opened him up in new ways. Not only did he grow as a person in the last few years, he also grew as a songwriter, venturing into new musical territory including ballads. It was only after the record was completed that Nicholson suddenly realized that perhaps he had shared too much of his personal life with listeners.

“I really opened myself up with this record; that will be obvious to anyone who listens to it. But then, it dawned on me one day that maybe I was saying too much. While I don’t go into too much detail with lyrics, my wife is fine with the detail that is provided. She likes the fact that she is the girl I am talking about in these songs.”

Though Nicholson might be wearing his heart on his sleeve throughout Mad Love, he kept a level head when it came to the production aspects of the record. He approached the making of the album with some trepidation as he felt that his last studio effort Satellites suffered from having been overproduced and over thought.

“One of my primary concerns going into the making of Mad Love was that it was not a record that would be overproduced,” Nicholson says. “I was very fortunate that my last record did well but felt that there was too much leniency given to letting the album’s producer leave his stamp on everything. I still like the record but looking back on it, I didn’t feel it necessarily represented me as an artist.

“I wanted to be sure that when people hear these new songs played live, whether I am performing solo, as a part of a duo or with a full band, they can put my record on and be given the same experience as they would be given if they saw the live show. It was a conscious effort on my part to be able to duplicate what you hear on record in the context of the live show.” - Moncton Free Press

"Back where it all began"

(PETERBOROUGH) Luke Nicholson is coming home this Saturday and that's good news for those who yearn for something fresh on their music plate.

Born in Peterborough and raised in Lakefield, the singer-songwriter headlines at the Gordon Best Theatre on Hunter Street West, kicking off a Canadian tour in promotion of his first LP, Mad Love.

"I grew up playing music all over downtown Peterborough, at places like the Peterborough Arms, so I'm very familiar with the vibrancy of the city's music community," says Nicholson.

"The open stages, the musicians I met and worked with...there was no better place for me to learn the art of performance and be a better musician."

Nicholson learned his lessons well. Previous EPs, Separate Notes and Satellites, brought him campus and commercial radio airplay via singles such as Satellites and Holiday. But it was the single Breathe that served as his calling card, earning him a 2008 Genie Award nomination for its placement in the film Poor Boys Game.

"That (the nomination) was huge for me, really opening a lot of doors," he notes.

Recording Mad Love, he explains, was a good experience in that, unlike his previous recorded work, he had more control over the final result.

"Working on the two EPs in the studio was a great experience but I was still finding myself as an artist. I put more of my stamp on this album. It really captures the essence of who I am."

Also making a difference was the involvement of several musical friends...and one musical brother in the former of Juno Award-nominated singer-songwriter Royal Wood. And then there was his association with drummer/percussionist Roger Tavassos which led to them co-producing the album -- a partnership which gave the final result a more textured sound.

"Making a living in music is such a hard road," assesses Nicholson.

"There are a lot of hard knocks but if you truly love it, if you really want it, it will happen. And write, write, write. I used to write all the time. I've written songs on the subway. I've written songs in the car. I don't write as often now but starting out, that's all I did and it was good for me."

Meanwhile, those looking for some good old-fashioned sibling rivalry between Luke and Royal will find nothing but a healthy respect.

"I'm very proud of my brother and what he has accomplished and he's proud me," notes Nicholson.

"The bigger the light that shines on him, the bigger the light that shines on me. But we're completely different people musically.

" Way down the road I could see us doing something together. We both need to find out who we are as artists first but I know we're going to have a collaboration at some point."
- Peterborough This Week

"Elton John inspires fans and fellow musicians"


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Nobody had ever seen anything like him: Big voice, hammering piano, giant sunglasses and an ever-changing collection of garish hats and colourful costumes.

More than 40 years later, the situation remains the same. And here he comes: Elton John headlines a show in Peterborough Sept. 8 at the Memorial Centre. Tickets sold out right after going on sale in May.

“I can’t wait,” said local fan Sugar Barry. She has tickets, knows a lot of other people don’t, and is OK with that.

“I grew up with this kind of music,” she said while shopping at Lansdowne Place. “It isn’t heavy, it’s just good music and I love it. It made me want to become a musician, but I never did. Nobody could be as good as Elton John.

There’s another story like that one: two young brothers, old records, and a new love of music. That’s Royal Wood and Luke Nicholson, from Lakefield. Both are elegant, richly lyrical songwriters who rely on piano and guitar to craft lush classic pop, and it’s not difficult to hear subtle strains of Elton John in their music.

“I love Elton John,” said Nicholson, who performs under the family’s real last name.

“My father had a huge love of music, but his brother had this massive music collection. He died when he was 20 so we had his records and we’d just listen and listen to them. So when everyone else was into whatever was trendy, when all my friends were listening to Michael Jackson, we’d be listening to Traffic and Jimi Hendrix and Elton John.”

He remembers the first song to catch his fancy: Bennie and the Jets, Elton John’s rousing, romping piano pumper.

That could be one of the songs lucky Peterborough fans will hear when John takes the stage at the Memorial Centre.

“We didn’t even bother trying to get tickets,” said fan Erin Acton outside HMV at Lansdowne Place. “We knew they’d sell out.”

Acton and her boyfriend like Elton John for long drives between Peterborough and Montreal, where her family lives. She’s a keyboard player herself, and at one time considered pursuing a career behind the ivories.

“If you learn a few Elton John songs you can always just sit down and entertain,” she said. “You can just lose yourself in the music. It’s timeless.”

Timeless indeed. From his early days as a pub piano player (1962) to his big breakthrough a decade later, John has maintained a steady, consistent career. A second round of hits in the 1980s (I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues, I’m Still Standing) brought in new fans, and there’s a generation of kids who know his voice, if not his name, as the man who sings the Lion King soundtrack. Through it all, John has toured and toured and toured, crafting big show after big show.

But not this time.

This is a solo tour, with John onstage alone. Just him, his piano, his colourful costumes and his lengthy repertoire of classic songs. You know them: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Daniel, Rocket Man, Crocodile Rock, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Tiny Dancer, Levon, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and Candle In The Wind.

Nicholson performs at the Gordon Best Theatre the same night John is at the Memorial Centre. Which is good news, because a lot of people were disappointed when they couldn’t get John tickets back in May. The limited number of seats sold out quickly, and aside from a few radio giveaways and other special events, a lot of area fans won’t be there.

The show, though, hasn’t sparked an upswing in Elton John album sales. Staff at HMV say they haven’t noticed much of a change; the store stocks a few of the superstar’s classic CDs. - Peterborough Examiner

"Royal Wood's brother Luke Nicholson releasing new CD Mad Love at Sept. 8 show at Gordon Best Theatre"


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Luke Nicholson says he always had songs percolating inside him, even before he knew he was going to make music for a living.

“It was my job to mow the lawn,” he said, talking about his upbringing in Lakefield. “I used to sit there on that John Deere tractor and sing and sing — not other people’s music, just whatever came into my head. I was making those songs up as I went along.”

He still is — but now he’s in the studio and on the stage, not behind the wheel of a John Deere. Based in Toronto, Nicholson is set to launch his new CD, Mad Love, with a show in Toronto before heading to Peterborough for a show at the Gordon Best Theatre.

“I haven’t been back to Peterborough (to play) in years,” Nicholson said.

He plays Sept. 8.

The classic pop singer is very, very happy with how Mad Love turned out, saying his previous efforts were recorded live off the floor, and sounded it — this was a more textured affair, with producer Roger Tavassos working on adding layer after layer, and special guests coming in to add the instrumentation needed.

“I was finally able to do everything I wanted to do,” Nicholson explains, adding those lawnmower songs he heard in his head were finally coming to life. This is after two earlier albums, 15 years in music and a long-term Thursday night gig at the Cameron House in Toronto.

One of the new album’s guests was Juno-nominated singer-songwriter Royal Wood. He and Nicholson are brothers (Nicholson kept the family name) and look and sound a lot alike, right down to their classic-vintage taste in clothes.

Nicholson said he and his brother grew up surrounded by music, and it paid off, and it was good to have Wood in the studio with him.

“I’m really happy with Mad Love,” he said. “The hardest part of doing this record was saying it was finished.”

Now he’s looking forward to performing those songs. Because of the recording method, he points out, he’s never had a chance to really explore the tunes onstage with his band.

“I want to take this record all across Canada,” he said.

NOTE: Visit to sample his music, including new single We All Need. - Peterborough Examiner

"Well Crafted and Lyrically Thoughtful"

Luke Nicholson is a pop-rock singer/songwriter whose previous album, 2013's Mad Love, notched impressive CBC play. We expect more of that for his fourth album, Frantic City, a well-crafted collection of melodic and lyrically thoughtful material. Nicholson earned a Genie nomination for Best Original song in 2007, has toured Europe and North America, and had success in placing his songs in film and TV. The new album was recorded at Revolution in Toronto, with Roger Travassos producing and Stew Crookes, Michael Phillip Wojewoda and Laurence Currie involved in the recording and mixing. The production quality here is as strong as you'd expect from such a high-calibre team. Trivia note: Luke is the brother of acclaimed songsmith Royal Wood.

Nicholson has started a July Eastern Canada tour (check his site for details). He also has a Sept. 19 date at Waupoos Winery in Prince Edward County. - New Canadian Music

"5/5 Stars"

Luke Nicholson is releasing his third album on July 10th, 2015 called ‘Frantic City’. The album features ten full length tracks, two of which are the same song, except one is a radio version. ‘Frantic City’ was written by Luke Nicholson while he was on tour away from his new born daughter. Listening to the new album was a wonderful experience and I loved the way Luke’s vocals flowed through all the songs making it beautiful to listen to. My two top songs that I really liked is ‘Sadie’ (First track) and ‘Hello’ (fifth track). Both of these songs showcase how talented Luke Nicholson is with his writing and musical skills. They are both catchy and upbeat as is most of the album.

Rating: 5/5 - Canadian Beats

"Luke Nicholson Readies 'Frantic City'"

Fatherhood can make life awfully busy for an up-and-coming musician, hence the title of Canadian tunesmith Luke Nicholson's new album Frantic City. This sophomore full-length is due out on June 12.

Frantic City was laid down at Toronto's Revolution Recording with producer Roger Travassos. The lyrics touch on family matters, as Nicholson recounts meeting his wife in "Hello" and reflects on fatherhood in "Maggie Mae."

For a taste of the album's sound, the track "One More Night" is available as a free download here. It's an pop-friendly folk-rock ballad with a shimmering backdrop of synths tones. Additionally, the reggae-flavoured "Maggie's Song" (perhaps the same song as "Maggie Mae" with a slightly different title) and the dancefloor-geared pop-rock cut are streaming at Nicholson's website.

Scroll past the tracklist below to see Nicholson's upcoming Ontario tour schedule.

Frantic City:

1. Love Song
2. 500 Years
3. Maggie Mae
4. Hello
5. Sadie
6. Reason Why
7. One More Night
8. Out of My Head
9. Little Bird - Exclaim Magazine

"East Coast Music"

Luke Nicholson pops up Friday night in N.B.

Fri, Jul 24, 2015.

Big-voiced, roots/pop singer Luke Nicholson is currently in New Brunswick for dates on his East Coast tour. The Peterborough, Ontario native has just released his latest album, Frantic City, full of infectious, feel-good cuts.

The brother of like-minded artist Royal Wood, Nicholson broke through in 2012 with his disc Mad Love. Cuts such as All Night Fever made a big impact on Radio 2 listeners, and he was named Best New Artist at New Music Fest.

Songs on Frantic City run from folk and reggae-fuelled to unabashed pop singles. The recurring theme is the new love and bond in his family life, with songs inspired by his young daughter, name-checked and referenced throughout.

Wide-eyed and filled with wonder, the new parent looks at big events that have changed and continue to change everything in his life, including the full-biographical tune Maggie's Song. It's even spread to his website, where you can find a blog about events in his life as a working musician and parent.

Don't expect too much soft sentimentality though; cuts such as 500 Years are full of drive and power, with a sugar coating to make sure it goes down easy. Nicholson raps up this leg of the tour tonight at the Hollywood Star Room, Clarks Corner, N.B. - CBC

"'Young Elton John'"

Gregory Alan Isakov hat mit seinem neuen Album “The Weatherman” mit einigen Mitwirkenden düstere und ruhige Americana-Songs aufgenommen. Dabei hatte er zuletzt Rockigeres produziert, das noch einer Veröffentlichung harrt. Der junge amerikanische Songwriter Luke Nicholson erinnert mit “Mad Love” und elegantem Piano-Pop an Elton John und den jungen Ben Folds. Sinéad O’Connor macht (völlig zurecht) noch einmal klar, dass sie der Boss ist und liefert auf ihrer neuen LP – trotz Latex-Verkleidung und Perrücke – passable Songs ab, die durchaus an ihre frühen Platten anschließen. - Rolling Stone Magazine

"All Your Dresses"

Luke Nicholson - "All Your Dresses" (Maggie's Room/Fontana): The well-respected Toronto singer/songwriter is back with new album Shape and Sound, and focus track “All Your Dresses” is about to be released to radio.

According to his bio, this song “pays tribute to two of the most important relationships in Nicholson’s life. Using clothes as a metaphor, the song illustrates special moments shared between a husband and wife, and also the ideals his father instilled in him to be a good man and father, captured through the simple image of a tie.

“I look at this track as my artistic fingerprint,” Nicholson says. “Instead of outsourcing parts or players, it truly is one voice speaking. From the beginning, making this album made music exciting for me again.”

He does sound rejuvenated here, with his warm vocals neatly complementing the perceptive lyrics. Those backing vocal oh oh ohs that seem mandatory these days are in evidence here, which won’t hurt its airplay chances.

Nicholson and collaborator Marty Skrzypczyk co-produced and played all the instruments on the album, while the mixing of new Juno nominee Howie Beck and mastering of Joao Carvalho is typically top-notch.

Nicholson has two Ontario gigs this month, followed by a Western tour in March. Dates here - FYI Music

"First look"

We’re pleased to feature the video for “All Your Dresses” by Luke Nicholson here on Great Dark Wonder! This terrific song is releasing to radio next week; we hope you’ll listen for it and ask your local radio station to play it.

As with Nicholson’s previous work, this song focuses on a theme that is highly personal but to which many of us can relate: the joy of a relationship with our partner/spouse as that relationship evolves and grows over time (captured through the metaphor of dresses).

Luke Nicholson first broke onto the Canadian music scene in 2007 with his song “Breathe” (from the film “Poor Boys Game”), which garnered a Genie nomination. Three of the singles from his debut album “Mad Love” (2012) charted on CBC Radio 2’s Top 20; Nicholson followed up that success with “Frantic City,” a 2015 release that spotlighted the delicate balance between new fatherhood and life as a touring musician.

“All Your Dresses” is the first single from Nicholson’s forthcoming album, “Shape and Sound,” which is currently scheduled to release on 14 April 2017 on Maggie’s Room/Fontana North Records. For this project, Nicholson chose not to outsource instrumental parts, instead sharing playing and producing duties with co-producer Marty Skrzypczyk. The result is an immediate, warm, energetic sound; we look forward to hearing the rest of the album this spring. - Great Dark Wonder

"Album Review- Shape and Sound"

Singer-songwriter, Luke Nicholson is celebrating the release of his new album, Shape And Sound via Maggie’s Room Records with distribution by Fontana North. He describes Shape and Sound as a departure from his previous work and drew inspiration from the likes of The Lumineers and City & Colour.

The ten-song album ushers the listener onto a journey led by a masterful storyteller. This mastery is revealed so eloquently in the beautiful opening track, “All Your Dresses”. The official video is equally as eloquent and shares in the delivery of this song. The imagery in this song is carefully crafted. Clothing was used to delineate special moments shared between a husband and a wife.

The ease of the songs’ delivery had me floating along all afternoon as I listened over and over to their delightful melodies. “Momma’s Home” and “Lights of Nashville” are beckoned to be listened to with a jar of sweet tea on hand while sitting on a back porch counting fireflies.

It was impossible for me to define my favourite musical moment on the album. However, I would have loved to hear “Maggie’s Song” as the final song on the album leaving it as the lasting impression lingering on my mine.

From start to finish Luke Nicholson delivered a stunning yet unassuming and natural collection of songs. Toronto friends, come out to celebrate the magic with him at his album release concert on Wednesday, April 19 at the Burdock Music Hall.

You can also catch up with his recent show at plan B in Moncton, NB in this photo review by Canadian Beats contributor, Ed Bowron. - Canadian Beats


2010 Satellites EP
released through Bent Penny Records
Breathe - first single to college and mainstream radio

2012 Mad Love
released through GypsySoul/Fontana 
first single "All Night Fever" charted top ten on several commercial and college radio stations across Canada.
CBC Radio 2 Top 20 Countdown for 30 weeks combined!

2015 Frantic City

released through MaggiesRoom/Fontana Records

Sadie- first single to major radio

2017 Shape and Sound 

released through MaggiesRoom/Fontana Records



Born into a large, creative family in Lakefield, Ontario (one of his brothers is singer/songwriter Royal Wood), Luke Nicholson had his first major breakthrough in 2007 when the track “Breathe” from the film Poor Boys Game earned a Genie nomination for Best Original Song. Nicholson’s debut album Mad Love came out in 2012, spawning four CBC Radio 2 Top 20 singles and earning glowing reviews in Europe, most notably from Rolling Stone Magazine (Germany) which named Nicholson “One To Watch” after he performed at Berlin's prestigious IFA gala. Following a whirlwind year on the road, touring and performing at vaunted European showcases Midem and Reeperbahn Nicholson released the follow-up, Frantic City, in 2015 which furthered his reputation as one of Canada’s top emerging songwriters. Frantic City spawned  2 radio singles Maggie’s Song and Sadie which received both support from major radio and CBC across Canada, was named to SOCAN’s Pick of the Week and Alan Cross’s Top 11 in Canada.  Soon he was invited to head to Music City to further his songwriting.

Nicholson points to this first trip to Nashville in the fall of 2015 as the catalyst to his new intrepid approach. Although he had songwriting sessions lined up, his mission became to hit Music City with everything he had by playing every open stage and introducing himself to as many people as possible. “I was a complete stranger with only my guitar as a companion, it was so exciting and inspiring to start fresh in such a historic music city”. The results were instantaneous; he received invites to writer rounds and  was soon spending time with Canadian songwriting legend Eddie Schwartz who committed to championing “All Your Dresses” leading him to Bluewater Publishing President Brownlee Ferguson; who has since taken Luke under his wing, arranging co-writes with some of Nashville’s biggest songwriters further nurturing his songwriting  talents.

While there Luke was inspired to not only write a new record Shape and Sound but to get back to his roots as a performer, and multi-instrumentalist. This album’s journey not only inspired Luke to “find his sound” true artistic identity, but encouraged him to take the reins of the creative process. “Marty Skrzypczyk and I played every instrument and co-produced Shape and Sound it from the beds up. Howie Beck did an amazing job mixing and Joao Carvalho did his usual excellent mastering work. I look at this album as my artistic fingerprint, instead of outsourcing parts or players it truly is one voice speaking and it’s really made making music exciting again.”

With the philosophy “Write what you know,” Luke Nicholson’s new single,“All Your Dresses”  fully displays his gifts for melody and poignant storytelling. The first single from the Toronto singer/songwriter’s forthcoming album, Shape and Sound, pays tribute to two significant relationships for Nicholson. Through the metaphor of clothes, the special moments shared between a husband and wife are beautifully illustrated, while the ideals his father instilled in him, to be a good man and father, are captured through the simple image of a tie.

Shape and Sound is proof that music still has the capacity to be intelligent yet catchy, mature but fun, and above all, talk about experiences to which we can all relate.


*2017 Finalist 'Canadian Songwriting Competition' 'Long May He Reign'

*2017 Finalist ‘John Lennon Songwriting Competitionʼ ‘All Your Dressesʼ

*2017 Semi Finalist ‘International Songwriting Competitionʼ ‘All Your Dressesʼ

*2017 Nashville Songwriters Association Top 40 ‘Baby I Believeʼ

* 2015 Finalist in ‘International Songwriting Competitionʼ ‘Helloʼ

* 2015 SOCAN- SOCANʼS song of the week ‘Sadieʼ

* 2015 Music 311 Toronto Playlist with ʼMaggieʼs Songʼ

* 2015 Alan Cross -Top 11 Playlist ‘Love Songʼ

* 2014 IFA- Headlined Berlinʼs IFA Gala

* 2014 Named ‘ One to watchʼ Rolling Stone Magazine (Europe)

* 2014 ‘Wouldnʼt it be niceʼ added to Rolling Stone Wild Flower Compilation
*2014 Semi Finalist ‘International Songwriting Competitionʼ ‘We All Needʼ

* 2014 Reeperbahn – Industry Showcase for CIMA

* 2013 MIDEM- Industry Showcase for Canada Blast

* 2013 CBC–CBC Radio 2 Top 100 songs of 2013 ‘We all Needʼ

* 2013 – ‘Best New Artistʼ New Music awards

* 2013 CBC Radio 2 – Four Top 20 singles

* 2008 Genie Nominee – Best Original Song ‘Breatheʼ