Luke Bettis Band

Luke Bettis Band


Acoustic based pop/rock with piano and emphasis on songwriting.


Having only been together for a relatively short time, the Luke Bettis Band (LBB) humbly acknowledges that they have gotten off to an accelerated start. “Whatever formula we’ve been following seems to be working. Only time will tell what direction our music will go, however every opportunity we receive makes us more motivated to work harder,” says Luke Bettis.

The “engine” driving their successful launch, however, follows a simple recipe of heartfelt songwriting, steadfast drive, and a grass-roots marketing campaign that has given their name distinction wherever they play. With a sound akin to such artists as Coldplay, John Mayer, Counting Crows, and Ben Folds, the band has found a niche in a genre that is beginning to define their generation.

High school friends Luke Bettis (guitars/vocals), Scott Johnson (drums), and Ryan Staub (bass) made up the original version of LBB. At the University of Kansas, Bettis and Staub teamed up with Joe Sparacino (piano/vocals) and the band’s sound continued to evolve. With all four musicians finally in place, LBB is creating a “musical signature” that transcends popularity across multiple generations of listeners.

Now with "The Lights From Here", the follow-up to the highly successful debut ep "Baggage", LBB is eager to hit the road and share their work with others, already lending opening spots to acts like the Afters, Michael Tolcher, Collective Soul, Howie Day, and SmashMouth. “We’re just so optimistic and excited about our music right now. The chemistry between us is growing so fast that it’s tough to keep up with the number of songs we’ve been writing,” says Sparacino. Perhaps the best quality they have going for them is a combination of optimism and focus.

Determined to reach a level in line with their influences, LBB puts an energy into their live show that keeps their fan base growing at an intense rate. This momentum and growth further fuels the band’s determination to bring their best stuff, whether it be live on stage or in the confines of the studio. Such a cycle for success has this band well on their way to making their music and style something to entertain everyone.


The Lights From Here- 2006

The Baggage E.P.- 2005

* "Roselynn" made radio debut summer of 2005

Set List

From the Bottleneck 2/4/06

Untitled Jam
Baldwin Street
Take Care
The Weight *
Hands to the Sky
Outside Myself
Picture Perfect
Only One (Luke/Staub)
Bleed Through (Joe solo)
Nothing the Same
Not the Same *
Between Me and You
Sing On

Rainy Days
Dead Flowers *

*indicates cover song

Set time: 1 hour 45 min