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Luke Callen


I write songs and I sing them.

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Walking down the Street I find Herman Melville Feeling Blue in Need of a Hand

Written By: Luke Callen

I stumbled out the door of my neighbors house
After a night spent drinking and singin so loud
I figured it bout time to get some freshly blowin air
so I stumbled a big farther to a barbers chair
I asked him for just a little bit off the top
He spun me around six times I nearly threw up

"Well what type of barber are you?" I did ask
"I only wear this bib and comb to get a laugh"
So I ran outta there fast as a I could
But he made me pay five dollars for sayin I look good
I bumped into a hobo and gave him all my change
He drove off in an escalade and I thought strange

I was still pretty tired so I thought I'd get some rest
I laid down on a bench I was out pretty fast
I awoke quite disturbed someone shook off my cap
It was a police man givin me a ticket for a public nap
I said "Hey hey officer this ticket I will not pay"
"Well don't look at me this is business" he did say

As I took a closer look at his police suit
I realized he was just a businessman dressed in blue
So I went on my way feeling I had been used
And I stumbled into the nearest church to relieve me of my blues
the priest he was a young man shiny as gold
the church was filled with a thousand people their guns they did load

I sat down in front and they all look stunned
the priest said i was no christian boy by the clothes i had on
to prove to them my piety I must donate fifty bucks
and bring ten friends tomorrow who'll never ask WHAT
I didn't promise anything they threw me on the dirt
saying if you believe in jesus you'll buy a better shirt

With no where to go i carried on down the street
I came upon a sign saying "We got everything you need"
So i walked right in and asked "where can i find a friend?"
They looked confused and said "our liquors in aisle ten"
"How bout some dignity do you have any of that?"
they said "no but we got some pills so you'll never feel fat"

I figured i best report what I had seen
so i went to my senator to convince me this was no dream
He said "son your paranoid please just relax"
"and buy stock in petroleum, make that feeling pass"
Not quite satisfied i proceeded down the hill
and came upon a man you had stumbled and fell

I reach out my hand to help him to his feet
he pushed it away saying "I can't trust anyone on the street!"
so i ripped off my shirt and pulled down my pants
and I reached out again to give this man a hand
Saying "see see here I ain't got nothing to hide!"
"I ain't gonna sell you nothing or take you for a ride!"

It's a mighty weird world that we're a living in
but I learned something from this humble man
If every politician businessman and priest
would just take off their clothes we could all see
just what it is they want and what they're getting at
and tell if their genuine or just another sewer rat

Flying Home

Written By: Luke Callen

Flying home against the wind, said I'd never go back again
Said I'd never go back again
But my ma called my name
Saying skip the road skip the train
Need ya home right away, need ya home right away

See the sky falling down, on the land where I'm from
on the land where I'd grown
So I'll be on my way
'fore i never see another day
Underneath that Wisconsin sky, neath that cold Wisconsin sky

That street I used to know, all i find is falling snow
All I find is falling snow
That factory's done and closed
now the rivers all that moves
carrying it all away, carrying it all away

Those bluffs we used to play, pass the time pass the day
look after the river as they did me
That water runs fast wide
Cuts the hills like a knife
Then leaves it all behind, leaves it all behind

Keil's farm standing strong, wife and kids dead and gone
makes his home in the ground
That frost has got his seed
Now his calf's all running free
Gate blows wild in the wind, that gate blowing wild in the wind

Fathers shirt on my back, broken soles of my shoes
all I got left to lose
So i'll make home in the clouds
come back down when I've made ya proud
The rain my fallen song, in the rain you can hear my fallen song