Luke Cameron

Luke Cameron


Young rock band vocalist turned acoustic singer/songwriter, playing covers ranging from Red Gum to the Killer, then back out to Bob Marley.


I first started playing music when I was 14 years old, playing guitar in what was then known as Evil Twin (amongst other, similarly short lived, band name) and the official school Jazz Band. With in a year I had left the school band to put all of my musical focus into my rock band, which had by then settled on a name we are still using today, Bigger Than Belgium. When the band was in hiatus for some time in 06/07 I began to playing solo acoustic gigs in places like the Harrisville hotel. While BTB is currently gigging at the moment, I still enjoy the more intimate atmosphere of the solo acoustic performance.


(all with Bigger Than Belgium)

Two Wrongs Make A Wrong Wrong EP
Played on 4zzz and currently available in Rocking Horse Records and Kill The Music in Brisbane CBD.

The Chronicles Of Ridiculous Demo
Myspace only release.

Unnamed Demo
(in production)

Set List

Mainly Covers

Artists include:
Red Gum,
The Killers,
Bob Dylan,
Bob Marley,
Louden Wainwright III,
Lynyrd Skynyrd,
The Gaslight Anthem,
Ben Folds,
The Monkees,
Regina Spektor, etc.