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December 15, 2006
Seventeen-year-old Luke Davids has embarked on a solo musical career, a journey that began when he was 3 years old and living in England.
Davids, a senior at the Osceola County for the Arts, began experimenting with a keyboard his grandfather brought for him at that young age, and he began taking piano lessons when he was 5 years old. At the age of 9, he entered The Purcell School - Britian's oldest specialist school for young musicians - studying classical music for about four years before moving to Celebration with his family in 2002.
He is now a one man show, playing his guitar, piano and singing, mixing cover songs such as "Why Georgia" by his main influence, John Mayer, "Green Eyes" by Cold Play or "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel with his own 15 original acoustic songs. He started playing guitar about two years ago and writing songs about one year ago and attributes his talent to his classical background.
"Classical music gives you a whole base of knowledge of any kind of music you want to branch off into, "Davids said. "If you want to move on to another really helps which is probably why it was easy for me to pick up the guitar."
Davids said he has been playing music for so long that there is nothing else he would rather do. The next step is stardom. After making two demo CD's. Davids has begun the process of sending them off to record labels. His "informal" manager, Pat Thomas, has been helping him send consent forms to A&R's at record labels.
Thomas met Davids when he was the keyboardist in her son's band, Autumn Flame, a couple of years ago. She has been promoting him since he decided to pursue his career and believes there is a future in the music industry for Davids.
"One day he came to me and said, "I wrote some songs," Thomas said. "He sat down, and he played these songs for me in my living room, and to my amazement, I realized that he was an especially talented songwriter."
He still needs to finish his senior year of high school and application for college are just around the corner.
Davids is going to apply to the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, which he considers to be one of the top jazz schools in America, and where he will major in musical performance.
"My main focus is my career, and I'm appealing to record label's now," Davids said.
In the meantime, he is playing his soulful, "alternative acoustic" music on stages all over Central Florida. Before playing on the main stage during Celebration's Founders' Day weekend, he played for crowds at the Festival of the Masters in Downtown Disney, at the Virgin Megastore. Every Thursday night he plays with a band during the informal church service at the Community Presbyterian Church. Thomas has sent promotional packages to the House of Blues at Universal's City Walk, set up tentative dates (Dec. 28,29 and 30) for performances during Celebration's Now Snowing Nightly, and is plugging for him to play on the main stage during the Silver Spurs Rodeo at Heritage Park in Kississimmee during the third weekend of February.
Thomas said she knows alot of people in the industry and hopes her connections, Davids' talent and his 14 years of experience will capture the eyes and ears of record label insiders.
"I'm sure that one of them will say, "Wow, this is a really talented boy; he's got great lyrics and writing all his own music," Thomas said. "He's very charming and likable; very smart and good grades and fabulous with the girls! I know its just a matter of time for him, and I told him to just hold on - that's the way the business takes time."
To hear Luke Davids orginal music go to
- Celebrations Independent


June 15, 2007

Last November, Celebration musician Luke Davids was singing solo and actively seeking record production. He was also a high school senior and weighing options for college. All that has now changed.
On May 26, the Luke Davids Band performed at Downtown Disney's Virgin Mega Store before a crowd of several hundred enthusiastic listeners. The event, a concert to announce and promote the release of David's new four cut Compact Disc titled "Claustrophobic", was a resounding success.
"I think alot of people were just there (at Downtown Disney) to see a movie or shop, but ended up staying to listen," Davids said. "We sold tons of CDs, posters and T-shirts. I was signing autographs and signing merchandise and taking pictures with people for at least half and hour. I felt like a real celeb."
Davids, now graduated from school and working full-time on his musical career, hopes to keep the momentum going with enough CD sales to maintain his presence at Virgin Records. He also hopes to attract the attention of a record producer. "Claustrophobic" was independently produced in a professional recording studio in Tampa.
On the four distincly different cuts, Davids demonstrates his versatility with guitar and piano stylings, and a voice that frequently rises to an unbelievable falsetto. With understandable and soulful lyrics, instrumental accompaniments, and a voice many would consider mature beyond his 18 years, Davids also writes his own music, which he describes as a mix of acoustics, jazz and alternative rock.
"Im amazed by Luke's ability to just sit down and write a song," said Luke's Mother, June Davids. "He just does it. I know that very soon we will be hearing his music on the radio. I have never been in any doubt that Luke would want to pursue music as his career."
Luke is so serious about pursuing his musical career that he has put college plans on hold, but is keeping the option open. He has been offered a full musical scholarship to Stetson University for piano, but feels that kind of music he would be playing through a school program would not be his preferred style.
"We decided that rather than half studying college and half concentrating on music, I should concentrate fully on what I want to do most, which is music," Luke said. "So I'm going to concentrate on my music for a while, but keep the option open of attending classes at Valencia College if time allows."
Luke is also considering a bachelors degree in music through the University of Miami.
Rather than to continue performing solo, Luke has formed a band, teaming up with Keith Thomas on drums, Bryan Camara on guitar, and Dylan Beck on bass. Luke plays keyboards, guitar and sings. He feels that the band, called simply "Luke Davids", is the best way to showcase his music and to give audiences a more complete, packaged show.
Bryan Camara said the band members have big dreams.
"On a grand scale, I would love to travel the world with this band and perform for thousands of people every night," Camara said. As hard as it is to get in this business, as a band we plan to push forward with diligence, dedication and optimism."
The group has been talking with other local bands and clubs, working hard to book gigs for the future. Their goal is to play shows around Orlando, expand through the state, and then perhaps tour the east coast. All plans, of course, are flexible and depend upon that elusive record deal.
"Until that deal comes through, we're just going to continue doing our own thing, building audiences, and creating demand for our music," Luke said.
He and his band-mates hope to parlay Luke's 14 years of musical training, songwriting ability and passion into a successful career, perhaps even stardom.
"For as long as I can remember, Luke has been writing songs," said Luke's older sister, Annie. "Even when I was 6 years old I knew my little brother was going to be successful in the music industry."
The band will be performing July 13 at "Holly and Dolly's" in Casselberry. To listen to or download music by Luke Davids, or obtain information about future performances, visit - Four Corners Independent


October 1, 2007

Gold Star Productions Announces the WINNER of the "Battle of the Bands Contest" for SunSet Valley

Orlando, FL; Oct. 1, 2007 – After many months of searching for the perfect Band for “SunSet Valley” – A New TV Show that is sure to be the Next Teen Sensation-- an Incredible, talented "Luke Davids" Teen band of 4 Incredible musicians - Luke Davids, Bryan Camara, Keith Thomas and Will Marin have won the band guest spot to appear on SunSet Valley!!! Luke Davids entered the Battle of the Bands Contest over the summer and received the most votes on the SunSet Valley myspace site where the contest was held.

"SunSet Valley" is being produced and directed by Gold Star Production Studio head Joy Star.
Joy Star says that Luke Davids received the most votes to win the guest spot on SunSet Valley. They also received the most fan mail. She also says, they are perfect for the show. They have an incredible sound, they are very talented, they are young and goodlooking. The girls will love them!!!!
The purpose of the band contest is to help promote and give new bands exposure. They must perform original music.
Luke Davids and his band will perform a few of their songs in the TV-Pilot during a pool party that is to be filmed for the show. Luke will be working with an awsome cast. Lizzie Star is the Lead of this teen drama who will portray the role of Lauren. She is so excited to have Luke Davids perform in the show. They were her favorite! She thinks Luke is really HOT! Lizzie Star is an up and coming teen actress appearing in films since the age of 4 such as RunAway Bride with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, and Disney’s Tuck Everlasting with Sissy Spacek and Ben Kingsley to name a few.
The focus of “SunSet Valley” is about a beautiful, spunky young teen Lauren who is dealing with family and teen issues. Lauren always has her friends, the SunSet Valley Girls and Guys, to lean on for support. You will see Lauren and her friends deal with the many trials and tribulations that “Today’s” Teens deal with in a very realistic way. A lot of the stories will be true stories with the names changed. You will see issues that today’s teens HAVE to deal with that most of us in our younger years never would have imagined dealing with these issues as teens.

Lauren lives in SunSet Valley, a very affluent neighborhood in Florida. Her best friends are Stacey (Brandi Lynn), Kenzie (Casey Marie) and Claire portrayed by Bre Morgan who is also an international singing sensation. These wonderful young actresses have been cast as the “SunSet Valley Girls”. All of these actresses are multi-talented and are sure to draw a large audience for the show due to the diversity of each character. Then there are the very HOT Guys the “SunSet Valley Guys” that have been cast in main roles are Blake Radican as Nathan(Lauren’s Secret Love Interest), Chris Via as Nolen (Lauren’s main love interest), C.J. Celerio (Stacey’s love interest), Daniel Porter (Claire’s love interest), Michael Garcia (Cassidy’s love interest but also tries to steal Lauren from Nolen), and Sean Michael (Kenzie’s love interest). All of these Actresses and Actors were selected out of hundreds of talent auditioning for the show. We feel we picked the very best ! If you would like more information please go on to our website: and where you will also be able to meet all the characters of the show and click into Luke Davids profile to hear his amazing songs!!! - The Independent


"Luke Davids"
Self-titled EP Released 2008

4 Track EP Released 2007




Luke Davids is an Incredible Musician and Songwriter. This nineteen year old singer & songerwriter originates from London, England. He began his musical journey at the age of 3 while living in England. He began experimenting with a keyboard his grandfather gave him as a gift. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 5. At age 9, he attended the prestigious Purcell School - Britain's oldest specialist school for young musicians - studying classical music for four years before moving to Orlando, Florida. Luke's original songs are influenced by a wide range of artists such as The Beatles, Coldplay, Keane, Damien Rice, and many more. Luke studied piano from the very early age of 5 and guitar since the age of 15.