Luke Deady

Luke Deady


Folk driven lyrics; songs for the people. A touch of blues meets upbeat indie/folk guitar while he sings his heart out to a crowd that relates strongly to him and always asking for more as they dance around.


Coming out of the band Luke Deady and Friends, a side project ending in May of 2007, Luke decided it was time to go back to his roots and change his style once again. He is now in fact solo. He's back with some new fresh ideas, that are really starting to take off into the indie/folk scene. Currently working on a new album due out by July or early August of 2007. Playing guitar since he was a young age of 11 years old he has grown into a very talented singer/songwriter who has made quite a reputation for himself in a very short time in Ohio. Taking much influence from Devendra Banhart, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, John Prine, Keller Williams, John Hartford, Iron and Wine, The Flaming Lips, John Butler, Xavier Rudd, among many others. Playing mostly bars, venues and street fairs among other events mainly in the Columbus area, he has also played northern Ohio, Indiana, and Missourri. Luke Deady and Friends started as a band early fall of 2006, but three of them had been playing together since 2003. It started as a side project and very quickly formed into a full band. The music was quite diverse, but he has said he is just looking for something differant, so look out for what will be coming. When he plays he likes to loop tracks and throw in some extra little elements to give people some thrills. This guy sings his heart out to the people and you can hear it. Cause they sing back.


Leaves a' Fallin (Live)
I am currently working on an album due out this summer. Some releases have been: Picture of a Jesus on a Wall, Four More Days of Winter, Look to the Sun.

Set List

Picture of a Jesus on a Wall
Look to the Sun
Four More Days of Winter
Bombs Away!
Remember When
Smoke Filled Room
Empty House
To Understand
We Don't Wanna Fight
Early Mornin'
Mexico City
Bird Song
Must of Had Two Faces
Everyone and Everything
Freedumb Song
Any Other Day
Franklin's Tower
Big Eyed Fish