Luke Dick

Luke Dick

 New York City, New York, USA

Southern gothic music for shitkickers and educated malcontents. Lucinda meets Flaming Lips. Oklahoma meets New York. Steinbeck meets Vonnegut. Paula Deen meets Anthony Bourdain.


Born of a burlesque dancer and a traveling salesman, Luke Dick finds plenty to sing about. The combination of broken homes, a country-class upbringing, and an education-to-boot forges a unique perspective in this eclectic troubadour. But, it takes more than books and starry eyes to create the southern gothic musical landscapes that Luke paints; it requires the talent and will to articulate it all. It is clear that Dick has taken his life's experience to the woodshed to materialize his gravely and eccentric vision. --C.R. Howard


Paparazzi - iTunes Single, 2011
Esqueleta's Bones - iTunes Single, 2011
Judged Again - iTunes Single, 2011
My Blood - iTunes album, 2010