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Luke Dowler

Kalispell, Montana, United States | MAJOR

Kalispell, Montana, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Luke Dowler - Compared To You"

At first listen, Luke Dowler’s Compared to You CD may appear to be another praise and worship album. But with a deep listen to the music and lyrics, it is a stunning, Scripture packed album, full of honesty and heart-felt worship to our King. Luke Dowler definitely puts his heart into his music, making Compared to You an album that only gets better with each listen!

After a beautiful, one-minute intro, the nice contemporary title track opens Compared to You. Immediately noticeable are Luke’s enjoyable deep vocals that sound very similar to Trey from Echoing Angels’. Building strongly as it goes along, we are reminded that though our righteousness maybe as filthy rags to Jesus, He washed us and made us white as snow. Equally as upbeat, “Hope of the Nations” speaks of our God of salvation and hope.

“Psalm 130” speaks of putting your hope in Jesus, while “Better Than” features stunning vocals in addition to being a strong cry for more of Jesus; it is a heart-felt desire to know Him more. The acoustic guitar-picking track “Never Changes” follows, speaking of the unconditional love of God – how it never changes no matter what we may do.

“Middle of July,” another acoustic track, is very harmonic, speaking of going through a season of desperation but knowing that God is with us nevertheless, and praising Jesus no matter what we may go through. Hands down, this is the best track from Luke Dowler’s Compared to You album. “Show Yourself” follows as a strong track of surrender, while “Worth it All” is glorious, is strong and very passionate, asking God to set us on fire till all that can be seen in us is a reflection of Christ.

Closing the album are “Least of Perfect” and “Worldwide,” both very serene and worshipful. “Least of Perfect,” an excellent song of thanks, speaks of being imperfect, but how God accepts us the just the way we are, and now we live to praise Him. “Worldwide” closes up the album, actually a little more upbeat with strong drums, and is a wonderful anthem of praise to God.

The passion in Luke Dowler’s music is unbelievable! Besides containing amazing, sincere worship, hearing his heart in every song is inspiring to worship along and experience the presence of God. If you’re a fan of Aaron Shust, Hillsong, or Echoing Angels, you will definitely want to check this awesome contemporary worship out!

Rating: 4/5 - Jay's Music Blog

"Lyrics set Dowler apart...."

Luke Dowler’s music isn’t overtly spiritual—you’ll hear nary the reference to God or the like—but the singer-songwriter still takes an optimistic approach. Not that you might notice his push for hope on first listen. Songs such as “Here (Anthem for the Apathetic),” “Everyone to Know,” and “Martyr” are steeped in layers upon layers of ’90s-era crunchy rock riffs—think more Jawbreaker, less Alice in Chains or Nirvana. It’s the lyrics, however, that set Dowler apart. Sure, there’s plenty of reflective navel-gazing but, also a nod to keeping one’s chin up and always remembering the good over the bad. 1827 I Street, - Sacramento News Review

"Get to know this band!"

This is band i discovered on MySpace, THE place to meet new artists. The band consists of three members, on guitar and vocals there is Luke Dowler, on drums we have Zach Dowler and finally on bass and backingvocals we have Adam Shilling.
The music on this 6-song EP is rootsy modern rock that has potential for the years to come.
Songs like “Hero”, “Castle”, “Martyr” and the excellent “Six White Horses” are only giving me more appetite for a full-length album.
The albumproduction was in the capable hands of Aaron Sternke (MercyMe, Rend the Heavens) and is good for the time-being.
If you want to get to know this band, you should check out their website or their MySpace site. Nice band.
- Cor Jan Kat


_Polarized - Fall 2012 - Dream/EMI
_Silence is Shameful - April 2011
_Context - 2011
_Compared To You - 2010
_Live in Swan City - 2008
_Alt Sampler - Summer 2007
_Behind Counterfeit Smiles - EP Independant 2007
_Day I Dropped the World - EP - Independant 2005
_The Longest Day - Full LengthIndependant 2002



Following in the footsteps of artists like Springsteen and U2, Luke Dowler manages to take the singer songwriter’s plight for honesty and social change and combine it with wide-open guitar textures and pop sensibilities that could fill an arena or break down perfectly to a small coffeehouse.

Being born in Montana but raised on the road, Dowler first fell in love with early big band records and then moved on to Motown, The Beach Boys and Elvis. Drawing from his love of pop music and the big band sound, Dowler creates a backdrop for his socially conscious anthems for the underdog and marginalized. One only has to listen to human trafficking themed ‘Silence is Shameful’ to hear the cry for justice set to orchestral layers and pointed rhythms.

With a rotating cast of musicians, Dowler has toured cities, small towns and the really, really backwoods of the US and Canada; relentlessly. With his likeable and personal delivery, Luke is known as an inventive and engaging live artist. Selling out of 3 independently released albums and creating a buzz wherever touring takes him, demand is growing to see his live show.

On his upcoming release, Polarized, Dowler tackles such subjects as The War on Terror, The Occupy Movement, church and politics, divorce, suicide and his own faith all while maintaining a sense of personal relationship with the listener. The title track explores the idea of how relational conflict looks a lot like global war. Dowler adds, saying “When we value independence over relationship we become dangerous to each other, especially those that we love.”

Looking forward, Luke is planning to tour in support of Polarized which will be released on Dream/EMI Records and a scheduled release of online material. For tour dates and more info on Luke Dowler please visit

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