Luke Graner

Luke Graner


Bob Marley and Ben Harper having a picnic inside your head. Matt Sharp and Rivers Cuomo sit down to sing harmonies while Xavier Rudd plays djembe and Ben Gibbard records it and then samples it back. At the same time.


People love melodies that they can sing and I sing a positive, fearless, and honest message that is as memorable as any of my melodies.

My musical story date back to a child singing in church and school choir until in ‘94 when I sat down behind the drum kit in the Minot, ND rock band AfroDavis. In 1999, I formed Curious Yello with friends and after three successful years of gigging, we made Makoche Studios in Bismarck our home for a week and recorded our debut album, Wish, with Grammy-nominated producer Dave Swenson at the controls.

Curious Yello called it quits after five great years and I began to wander a new path as a songwriter leaving bar chords and the electric guitar behind for finger-picking and an acoustic. The hard-charging alt-rock of Curious Yello evolved into heartfelt reflections on life and inner struggle while I began experimenting with looping and slowly became a One Man Band of sorts. Nowadays I perform mostly solo "one man band" shows but often play sets with a selection of incredible musicians.

INFLUENCES: The words and music of Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Radiohead and Xavier Rudd are very inspiring to me. I love the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Phish, Weezer, Travis, the Shins and many many current singer/songwriters like Amos Lee, Damien Rice, ect.


Homemade Music - a collection of live recordings and demos that I recorded, engineered and produced. I screenprinted all the packaging and the discs were hand labeled.

I've also released live recordings for about six different performances over the last two years.

I've had college radio play in Fargo-Moorhead and been featured on a few indie music podcasts.

Set List

God Is Not American
Truth is Simple
February Thunder
Machines at Machines
The Road
Scared of Happiness
Be Careful What You Wish For
Eye Drops
The First Step
Remember When We Drove Out West
The Longest Yard
Blonde Eyes

Typical set time- :45 - 1:15
I like playing one set but can play up to three.

Covers range from Pixies and Radiohead to Johnny Cash and the Bob Marley and everything in between. Nothing beats looping the Rocky Raccoon bass line.