Luke Jivetalker

Luke Jivetalker


From hard driven blues/funk originals to sexy slow songs that will make your heart bleed!!! Bad ass guitar work from both Mike Parker and Kevin Arbogast make this band a sight to see!! We can light up the largest to smallest venue with ease and beautiful six sting power. Pure Taste and TONE!!!!!


Are influences are the Stevies to Tower of Power and everything in between. We take our listeners on a musical journey that will touch ever nerve and bone in their bodies. Our main goal is to make sure they shake it a little bit, while finding that spot in the music that can make even the most stone faced mfers take notice!!! Guitar slingin and soul singin is what we do!!


First album coming soon

Set List

All original blues, funk and soul music!!!
3 sets, each one hour in length, but we got more if you need it!