Luke Levy

Luke Levy


From the gutsy tour of Halifax in "My Liver's Had Enough," to the soft tones of "Gone Someday," Luke Levy is a versatile songwriter, and will not hesitate to show it. With roots in rock, folk, and blues, an intimate blend of sound is witnessed when he plays. Watch for this up and coming artist!


Hailing from the quiet eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, singer-songwriter Luke Levy brings an eclectic blend of down home folk music and rock and roll to the studio and the stage. Luke started his performing career at the ripe young age of 12, and one short year later his talent was recognized, and he was brought into the studio to play on his sister’s Factor-sponsored 4-song professional demo. Since those early days of recording in a friend’s professional underground basement, to Red Fish Studios in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Luke has become a versatile and entertaining performer. If he’s not making you think about the complexity of the lyrics being belted into the microphone, he’s making you stomp your feet to the beat of another energetic romp. This is one act you’ll want to watch for!


My Liver's Had Enough

Written By: Luke Levy

Hitting up the the town and hitting up the bars
Closing up the sun and missing all the stars
When I cry easy when I cry free
When my ship sinks you're coming down with me
Halifax Halifax please be kind
I'm good to you most of the time
Throw me in the harbour if I get too loud
Throw me in the tank with the rough drunk crowd

I'm lost
And its been pretty dark
Falling on my ass
In Point Pleasant Park
I can't see
And I can barely walk
But I haven't run out of luck

My Mama always told me boy be wary
The streets of the city can be pretty scary
So I tucked in my shirt, tightened up the ends
On Argyle Street I've made many friends
Got a good snap on at my favorite pub
Got kicked out of the shittiest club
Scuffed my boots the whole way home
Walked 2 hours away from the Dome

Come find me
If you can
While I'm hiding
Around the bend
And if you tempt me
I'll take the dare
I'll take a piss on Parade Square

I've got very little depth perception
And my life's headed in the wrong direction
If the big boys see me have one more beer
They're gonna throw me out of here
Headed for a slice with very little grace
Tripped on the curb and I fell on my face
Got into a fight with an angry looking stop sign
I told everyone, "You should see the other guy!"

Young enough
To be so bold
But my liver's
85 years old
Good luck stopping
This train wreck
Me and the boys are to the Lower Deck

Calling me a cab and flagging down a car
They wont let me into one single bar
And if I have one more shot of liquor
We're gonna see whose blood is thicker

So I'll hitchhike, steal a bike, anything to save this night
Buy a bottle, smash a bottle, everything will be alright
Anyone who sees me will take pity
But I really gotta say
I love this city


My Liver's Had Enough
Gone Someday
Maybe I Might
Red & Gold

Set List

Set list combines a mix of originals and covers. Covers include songs by Joel Plaskett, Matt Mays, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, City & Colour, MGMT, Johnny Cash, Old 97's, and Ryan Adams, plus much more.