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Luke Neely

Lucky Motors
Release: 02/10/2003

Rated: 5/5 stars

Boy, ain't it funny how musicians hate getting compared to great classic bands – let alone successful contemporaries? It seems it would almost be a compliment, right? Like how Creed is always kind of like the first really good Pearl Jam record and The Strokes are like an average version of every decent MC5 and Velvet Underground devotee band. What's wrong with being compared with great music? Well, if it's put that way, I suppose it's not much of a compliment, now is it?

Luke Neely's Lucky Motors gets the alternate take on that comparison.

"Tickets to Heaven," track three here, is infinitely as close to the best indie rock song ever, maybe only to be improved upon if Hum covered it. "Born A Star" is pop at the level of the best Matthew Sweet. Barring Sweet's distinctive falsetto, it's still brilliant. Matt should cover this one. Queens of the Stone Age should think about adding "Plant a Seed" to their live show. While Nirvana comparisons will abound – this CD is possibly better than any whole Nirvana release. More easily compared to Foo Fighters on that level - due to its diversity on the margins - it's also better than the combined releases of that band.

Yeah, these are the stars of the last couple of decades. No doubt, Luke has heard them all and they are imaginably his influences. But it's not that at all. Neely's songs far transcend these (possible) influences. Unique in approach, voice and instrumentalization, Lucky Motors redefines modern rock (indie and otherwise).

The lack of slick production does not leave the record devoid of huge tones. Adequate production will always let the songs stand on their own where over-production will mostly hide defects – this is a case of the earlier. Produced by Tom Andrews, the overall sound is astoundingly complex considering there are only 2 other musicians on the record (Andrews – Bass, Electric Guitars; Gregg Gerson – Drums). Somewhere locked between the vast array of guitar sounds, swirly pan- effects, keyboards and "programmed noise" lies not only the seeds and sprouts of great songs, but also the blossoms.

All this being said, with the deluge of demos and first releases that NowOnTour receives, it seems easy to become jaded in regards to the current and potential future talent (pool). So many artists generally suck. Sorry kids, it's true. Immediately apprehensive of this middle-off-the-road-artwork enclosed CD, surprisingly, I've found this CD the one that I most want to play. What primarily comes to mind is, "Why haven't I heard about this guy already?" Because of its diverse and outstanding songs and soundscape, Lucky Motors has become a new favorite. This might well be the best record to come through the NowOnTour mail slot this year (bands with deals included).

Luke, one recommendation. Keep your publishing – when the majors come calling, they'll want that too. Congrats from NowOnTour, in advance, on your record deal.

- Jason Dixon


Luke Neely's 2003 debut : Lucky Motors


Feeling a bit camera shy


I have listened to a lot of indie and alternative rock ever since I heard first Nirvana. I have been obsessed with the music ever since and curently listen to all genres. I build the songs from the ground up exploring everything from lyrics, arrangement, sound effects, guitar riffs, and am currently developing drum skills.