Luke Neely

Luke Neely


Luke Neely is an artist who operates independently, creating original and exciting music. He is influenced by many of todays popular artists, but has achieved a sound that distinguishes him from the rest.


I have listened to a lot of indie and alternative rock ever since I heard first Nirvana. I have been obsessed with the music ever since and curently listen to all genres. I build the songs from the ground up exploring everything from lyrics, arrangement, sound effects, guitar riffs, and am currently developing drum skills.


Plant A Seed

Written By: Luke Neely

Plant a Seed
Plant a seed
Eight stories high
All your emotion
Transmit your fire
All you want is getting lost
On a dark street
For all you’re going to be
Falling down like concrete
Psychic elevator ride to your core
Plant a seed
May trees glow indeed
We’re all full instincts
Experiencing beliefs
Feeling empty create
You’re birthright to discover to relate
With enough pain to come clean
To run straight through
Cutting down your blues
So you’re on the way
I’m floating on grace
Come on with flames
I’m floating today

Song For Two

Written By: Luke Neely

Song for Two
Its just sometimes I feel
I’ve stayed a little too long
Someone shut up in a bug jar
We can leave and take a ride
Highway speed to break the curse
Two share prayers of distant lovers
I know you cover to cover
Wrote a song for two
Love one another
Empty in your tower
Turn the stair case feel heaven hover
Close away now brown eyes
Cross country in a black ride
Its just sometimes I feel midnight
We’re going on to first light
Found some four leaved clovers
Underneath the sky with you here
Back seat to the rolling hills
Wake up to the pink cloud show
Starts with the coast
Starts with new waves
Two share prayers of distant lovers
I know you cover to cover
Whispered into your ears
While heaven hovers

Tickets To Heaven

Written By: Luke Neely

Tickets to Heaven
Wild child felt perfection
Wild child what’s you intention
Some odd middle men to share
The comedy of sons
Mother remembers the way
Your life just begun
Wild child full of invention
I’m mistaken forget I said anything
Wildchild heard it all before
Lost my place among the rest
I’d like some peace of mind
To be honest
Tickets to heavens
She hold one high
Image in ruins
Says I’m gonna try


Luke Neely's 2003 debut : Lucky Motors

Set List

Luke plays nine songs off Lucky Motors that have been mastered to DVD for great sound and a visual environment. Its almost like an indie pop star...until he can afford the right band members.