Luke Parker

Luke Parker


Luke Parker - Intimate and raw worship with great dynamics from sparse stripped back sections to epic anthemic bridges. The music has been written to stir with the emotions and evoke a response within the listener. Great hooks and movement.


Luke Parker consists of a core group of three to four members with a community of musicians that come on board from time to time. Luke Parker has seen a number of musicians come and go until finally settling on members with the same heart, temperament, character and the musical vision for where he wants to take the music. Luke released his EP Home in 2010 and is planning to record a full album (deeply, human) later in 2012. The sound has been formed and honed over the last 12 months and is really starting to attract positive attention and momentum with his new listeners and those that have followed him for years.


Forever Grateful, 2001
Dependents EP, 2002
Parker Ep, 2003
Man on the Mare, 2003
Champagne Diaries, 2003
Hello Father Brown, 2004
Home Ep, 2010