Luke Rackers

Luke Rackers

 Denver, Colorado, USA

The silence, space, and simplicity of "Reverie" creates an emotional and meditative listening experience. The journey of "Reverie" inspires stillness and deep listening. Rackers' compositions integrate facets of multiple genres into a unique sound environment.


Denver composer Luke Rackers creates compositions that are both modern and accessible at the same time. He composes music for acoustic instruments that bridges the gap between popular music and chamber music. The sound of his work is a cross between contemporary classical, modern jazz, and instrumental improvisation. Rackers' music is focused on silence and stillness, which helps listeners to enter a state of meditation and deep listening. Many of his works tell a story or symbolize a journey. His CD Reverie features 17 of his solo piano compositions. His unique sound and approach to music offers listeners a distinct and special experience.


"Reverie" features solo piano compositions by composer and pianist Luke Rackers. Rackers blends contemporary classical, jazz, and improvisation sounds to form a unique listening experience. The compositions on this album were carefully scored to emphasize space, peacefulness, stillness, and a calm engaging listening experience. Rackers composes in a style that is both accessible and modern at the same time. The emotional arcs and emphasis on silence throughout this album take you on a compelling and satisfying journey. "Reverie" was published in 2010 by Luke Rackers (ASCAP) and Abundant Silence Publishing (ASCAP).