Luke's Angels

Luke's Angels


Dentists and Librarians CAN rock! The hard strumming and sweet singing Kalpin sisters (JJ and Missy) prove it with the help of a bass bopping husband (Josh) and a child prodigy percussionist (Nick.) They make uncommonly tuneful indie rock that brings to mind Throwing Muses, Breeders, and Pixies.


Luke's Angels are a Minneapolis band, but they are the sweethearts of St Paul. Their brand new forthcoming album "Paulopolis" seeks to heal the long time divide between these rival cities with charm and chugging rock.

This unpretentious indie rock quartet has drawn comparisons to the Breeders, Throwing Muses, and Veruca Salt, but they're not just an early 90's alt girl rock knock off. Listen closely and you'll hear deeper influences like Patsy Cline and T Rex. Really, LA has a sound all their own because the music is genuine and their personalities shine through.

Their first album made quite a splash on the Twin Cities scene. Several tracks saw heavy airplay on multiple college radio stations, and the album made the Star Tribune's top 20 local albums of 2003 (sandwiched between the Jayhawks and Paul Westerberg.) They played lots of shows in support and have opened for acts like OK Go, the Fiery Furnaces, and Enon.

After several childbirths, recording a couple of X-mas albums and some lineup shifts, the Angels settled on their current roster, which features founders Jennie Kalpin DDS, Melissa Kalpin MLS, Jennie's husband Josh Richardson (also of Flavor Crystals and Prairie Restorations Inc.) and legendary drummer Nick Hook (Kelley Deal 6000, Deformo, Vinnie and the Stardusters, Hind Quarterly editor.)

This gender balanced foursome has struck a balance between sweetness and no nonsense rocking. And they all love eating Vietnamese.

LA recently finished recording their second full-length album with engineer/producer extraordinaire, Jacques Wait (Soviettes, Peaches), and they can't wait for you to hear it. Jacques thinks it rocks, so it must.


Forthcoming full length "Paulopolis" Feb 2008
Self-titled debut 2003

Set List

Girl group originals and occasional boy band covers