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"City Pages Feature"

The Angels' sound is characterized by the contrast between Carson and Jennie Kalpin's sugar-pop harmonies and Melissa's whip-smart lead guitar--an update on the old Pixies paradigm of quiet-loud-quiet. On "One Small Glimpse," the opener of their self-titled debut, the girls' voices beat a so-in-love lyric ("I see hidden words arise/In one small glimpse through your eyes") into sea foam before Melissa strafes her own words with a firing squad of chords. "Cinema" matches a story about drive-in romance with a chugging, neh-neh-neh-neh-Batman melody. And on "Mixing Words," a pretty line about lying in bed and talking to your boyfriend is almost overwhelmed by a gigantic fuzz-box riff. A lot of the lyrics swirl together cactuses, puffy clouds, and mountaintops--the things that girls admire in road trip diaries. All of that good-girl purity contrasts well with the idiosyncratic Kelly Deal guitars.

- Steve Marsh

"Enter the Mix Finalists!"

White Fingers has been selected by the OC's music producers as a finalist in their ENTER THE MIX COMPETITION!! Out of over 3500 entries, White Fingers placed in the top five.

Excerpt: "Yes, it's true. The hugely successful Music From The OC: Enter The Mix contest is over, leaving us emotionally exhausted and genuinely overwhelmed by the many thousands of entries. After lots of deliberation, and a couple of thrown shoes, we settled on five amazing finalists."

Arthur Yoria: Call Me
The Ettes: Eat The Night
The Honorary Title: Frame By Frame
Sunday All Stars: La Dee Da Dee
Luke's Angels: White Fingers
- The OC

"Picked to Click!"

Excerpt: "This three-gals-and-a-guy outfit packs in surf-pop pep like a crowded Beetle beach-bound on a sunny Saturday. Imagine the Breeders in their heyday: Drummer Jamie Bollman's upswing rhythm cries, 'Tequila!'; dual vocalists Amy Carson and Jennie Kalpin serve up the requisite 'ooh-ah' harmonies; lead guitarist Melissa Kalpin is too busy crafting that full-throttle punk lick to sing. Their eponymous debut befits both an Indian summer top-down cruise and a late-night bar crawl. Beware of head-bob whiplash."
- Kate Silver, freelance writer and City Pages "Picked to Click" judge
- Kate Silver

"Pulse of the Twin Cities Feature"

Luke’s Angels, hands down the deuce cities coolest three-girl/one-guy band, released their self-titled debut back in September and have been garnering a solid buzz around town ever since. If you like the sound of pure unfiltered indie-rock, Luke’s Angels may just be your new favorite band.
- Louis Lenzmeier


Forthcoming full length "Paulopolis" Feb 2008
Self-titled debut 2003



Luke's Angels are a Minneapolis band, but they are the sweethearts of St Paul. Their brand new forthcoming album "Paulopolis" seeks to heal the long time divide between these rival cities with charm and chugging rock.

This unpretentious indie rock quartet has drawn comparisons to the Breeders, Throwing Muses, and Veruca Salt, but they're not just an early 90's alt girl rock knock off. Listen closely and you'll hear deeper influences like Patsy Cline and T Rex. Really, LA has a sound all their own because the music is genuine and their personalities shine through.

Their first album made quite a splash on the Twin Cities scene. Several tracks saw heavy airplay on multiple college radio stations, and the album made the Star Tribune's top 20 local albums of 2003 (sandwiched between the Jayhawks and Paul Westerberg.) They played lots of shows in support and have opened for acts like OK Go, the Fiery Furnaces, and Enon.

After several childbirths, recording a couple of X-mas albums and some lineup shifts, the Angels settled on their current roster, which features founders Jennie Kalpin DDS, Melissa Kalpin MLS, Jennie's husband Josh Richardson (also of Flavor Crystals and Prairie Restorations Inc.) and legendary drummer Nick Hook (Kelley Deal 6000, Deformo, Vinnie and the Stardusters, Hind Quarterly editor.)

This gender balanced foursome has struck a balance between sweetness and no nonsense rocking. And they all love eating Vietnamese.

LA recently finished recording their second full-length album with engineer/producer extraordinaire, Jacques Wait (Soviettes, Peaches), and they can't wait for you to hear it. Jacques thinks it rocks, so it must.