Luke Sayers & The Last to Know

Luke Sayers & The Last to Know


Writers, radio hosts, & presenters alike have said Luke's sound “is easy to listen to even for the hardest of rockers and the most casual of pop fans”. The “flavorful folk" on Luke's CDs showcases his "powerful, passionate voice", "but it is in the live performance that his music takes on wings."


As an acoustic American roots artist, Luke begins with the blues, draws on the story telling tradition of country and folk, and brings his lyrics to life through soaring melodies set against the backdrop of energetic grooves derived from pop rock.

The former bassist, a songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitarist with the successful acoustic Americana band Tangerine Trousers left the group to pursue a solo career in the fall of 2004. During Luke’s 3 years in Tangerine Trousers the group received 3 Detroit Music Awards including Outstanding Acoustic Recording for “Dressed for success”, which also got strong reviews from national magazines such as Performing Songwriter (“…damn cool! ) and No Depression ( “An unassuming powerhouse” ). As a member of the Trousers, Luke grew from his traditional role as upright bassist into a songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitarist. Since then Luke’s debut solo CD "Songbook; the introduction" was released in 2005, and Luke has reunited with his fellow former Tangerine Trousers band mate Mark Iannace. Their unique sound featuring “the duo's bang-up harmonies at times recalling Barenaked Ladies” (the Grand Rapids Press), nylon & steel string acoustic, electric guitar, mandolin, and accordion have recently been complimented by the dynamic drumming of Mike Gabelman & Michael Hacala.

Recent highlights for the group include:

*The Detroit Music Award nominations for:

-Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording (Long Way Back) 2008
-Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Instrumentalist - Luke Sayers (acoustic guitar) 2008
-Outstanding Folk Artist 2007
-Outstanding Acoustic Instrumentalist - Mark Iannace (accordion) 2007
-Outstanding Acoustic Artist 2006, and
-Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Songwriter in 2005,

*WYCE "Jammie" nomination for Best Local Folk Recording 2008

*The only Michigan artists selected for an official showcase at the 2006 International Folk Alliance Conference (the acoustic roots version of SXSW) in Austin, TX.

*1st place in the 2005 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest for Luke’s song “What I should've said"

Luke Sayers and Mark Iannace released the EP length CD “Long Way Back” at legendary acoustic music venue The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI on May 13th, 2007 for which they have received the following praise:

“Luke Sayers has a powerful, passionate voice, and it's put to good use on the heartfelt, beautifully written tunes on his new CD (Long Way Back)." - Martin Bandyke, 107.1 FM Ann Arbor

“You have to get out and see Luke Sayers and Mark Iannace. These two are wonderfully
talented songwriters, but it is in the live performance that their music takes on wings.
Their new CD, 'Long Way Back', is a must listen to for fans of thoughtful folk rock."
- Bill Keith, Trinity House Theatre

Luke is pleased to present a soulful collection of 11 new original songs for people who like honest, melodious, & deep grooving music on his CD “Radio Flower”. This is Luke's third release as a solo artist, and his first full length recording.

“Radio Flower” touches on themes that connect us through the common human experience. Searching the radio for a familiar tune while you're lost on a long stretch of unfamiliar highway; being unappreciated in your home town; sticking your foot in your mouth; trying to save a loved one from themselves; even getting involved in an inappropriate workplace relationship. The arrangements are delivered by the tightly knit trio of Luke Sayers (lead and harmony vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass, mandolin, and percussion), Mark Iannace (harmony vocal, accordion, keyboards, and percussion), and Mike Gabelman (drums). Special guest appearances by Jill Jack (duet vocal) & Pat Shanley (electric guitar) on the two sides to every story-punch drunk love-just leave the bottle torch song “Bitter Wine”, as well as Bobby Parker (trumpet) on the New Orleans influenced groove of “They don't want me” give the recording some wonderfully unexpected flavor.

“Radio Flower” features Luke's song “What I should've said” which won first place in the 2005 Great Lakes Songwriting Competition. Here it is stripped down to a duo performance with the seamless harmony that is the result of Luke and Mark singing together at hundreds of shows at the forefront. Another highlight is Luke's arrangement of Johnny Cash's “I'm a worried man”, which leans naturally towards the songs Jamaican roots while inspired by Willie Nelson's guitar playing and Paul Simon ala “Graceland” African rhythms. “Radio Flower” is full of the sound that Christian Czerwinski of the Lansing State Journal NOISE called “easy to listen to even for the hardest of rockers and the most casual of pop fans”.

Luke has become known for his passionate and uninhibited live performances in which a pound of flesh, blood, sweat, and tears are always given freely for appreciative audiences. Andy Robinson of Taylor guitar’s Wood and Steel magazine said that Luke’s song One for 3 “must be


The letter

Written By: Luke Sayers

vs.1 - Those who wander aimless
lost and all alone
forced to face their demons on their own

Them folks got real troubles
but they're not you, ya see
not as long as there's one breath in me

Chorus - So pour it into the ocean
like rain into the deep blue sea
cry yourself a river and let it wash your feet
put the cross over you shoulder
carry whay you can on your back
i'll follow behind you and cover up your tracks

vs. 2 - I have stood in your place
walked miles in your shoes
felt the weight of nothin left to lose

Maybe I got lucky
but we both know I'm right
you'll be saving more than your own life


Bridge - Now everyone is sleeping
'cept for me tonight
so i'm finishing this letter by the cell phone light

like pen onto this paper
ink into your skin
blood is blood forever
it's there until the end


Busy signal

Written By: Luke Sayers

vs. 1 -
The sky overhead is crystal clear
& the stars have put the sun to bed
400 miles of interstate without
one good tune on the dial

pre chorus -
The music's lost tonight
trapped by sattelites

Chorus -
I'll take love makin' grooves
some heart breakin' blues
an old country tune by Willie

Some soul to power
that raido tower
cancel those commercial jingles
on my Busy Signal

vs. 2 -
Memories held in melodies and words
tell your life in rhyme
that was your song & don't it take you back
to best and worst of times

p. c. 2 -
Ya sing when you're alone
the song on your ringtone

Chorus -

Bridge -
Tonight when I dream
how that signal will beam
from star to star
to wherever you are

They'll play me on your station
streaming clear and loud
the request lines will light right up
& you will be so proud

I won't need a video
to make 'em like my song
they won't need to see my face
to dance & sing along

& there'll be no more - no more
Busy Signal
Clear that line for me



"Radio Flower" - independent release 2008

"Long Way Back" - independent release 2007

"Songbook; the introduction" - independent release 2005

The following radio stations play Luke's music regularly:

WCSX 94.7 FM - Detroit, MI
WQKL 107.1 FM - Ann Arbor, MI
WYCE 88.1 FM - Grand Rapids, MI
WNMC 90.7 FM - Traverse City, MI
WVPE 88.1 FM - Elkhart, IN
WDET 101.9 FM - Detroit, MI
Several internet based radio programs also play Luke's music regularly.

All 3 CDs are available for sale as digital downlaods, & streaming via Sonicbids,,, iTunes, and

Set List

1. This love
2. All the way
3. Lay it on me
4. Hannah
5. Regret
6. Song for Peace
7. They Don't Want Me
8. The Ride
9. Bitter Wine
10. What I should've said
11. Don't Bother
12. Busy Signal
13. Long Way Back
14. For me 2 know
15. There with you
16. The Letter
17. The Solution
18. Wayfarer
19. Delaying Disaster
20. Keeping Up Appearances
21. I hear you
21. Uncloudy Day, On the road again, Crazy (covers; Willie Nelson)
22. Folson Prison Blues, Worried Man (covers; Johnny Cash - arr. Luke Sayers)
23. 16 days (cover; Ryan Adams)
24. Mary Jane's Last Dance (cover; Tom Petty)
25. I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man (cover; Prince)
26. Atlantic City (cover; Bruce Springsteen)
27. Everybody wants to rule the world (cover; Tears for fears)
28. Sir Duke (cover; Stevie Wonder)
29. Who says you can't go home (cover; Bon Jovi)
30. Rehab (cover; Amy Winehouse)
31. Georgia (cover; Hoagy Carmichael - arr. Ray Charles)
32. Heavan (cover; Los Lonely Boys)
33. Waiti