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"Luke Vajsar"

With the seasons rolling on, one may find the need to delve into something new. If not for the sake of experience, than at least to break from routine.

Luke Vajsar’s got that covered for ya: he’s a solo bassist. Mhm, you read that right.

This guy’s a nose-to-the-grindstone, eyes-to-the-sky kind of musician. The sounds he makes on his lone instrument are astoundingly unique. With one bass, he’s able to compound a musical quality akin to an entire orchestra.

Usually I’m not a fan of instrumentals without a side dish of lyrical awesomeness, but Luke’s skill transcended my typical tastes. I felt compelled to be bobbed along to his rippling waves. He says everything without having to vocalize a word. -; Caitlin Hoffman

"Introducing: Luke Vajsar’s “Let It Flow”"

Luke Vajsar is one of the most refreshing artists to land in my mailbox in months. I get a lot of emails about bands and music, but I don’t get excited about a lot of the artists simply because most of them just aren’t “there” yet, and they don’t seem to have much passion for what they’re doing.

Luke, on the other hand, clearly loves performing. His song “Let It Flow” had me tapping my foot instantly, and I love that the video focuses on showing Luke and not much else. The entire video literally revolves around Luke’s performance, and it doesn’t waste time trying to tell a story–the story is just Luke and his song.

According to Luke, if you’re looking for a name for his sound, he calls it “Experimental Lounge” since he enjoys playing atmospheric melodies, often using a looper on stage to make it sound like there are multiple musicians playing alongside him.

From what I’ve seen and heard, Luke is obviously incredibly talented, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next for him. You can catch him playing live in Toronto on his own, and with the bands Hypnotic Smash, and Codex. He’s also currently working on a new album.

Watch the video for Luke Vajsar’s “Let it Flow” below and then you can find more of his music at - Andrew Powell

"New Music From The Inbox: Whiskey Epiphany, Pants & Tie, Luke Vajsar, Ariane Moffatt, & Windmills"

This song’s (Let it Flow) a beauty for one of those days when words just won’t quit and all you want to do is slide away on a great bass line. -


Luke Vajsar - Adventure - 2013
Luke Vajsar's HYPNOTIC SMASH - Insinuation - 2012
Luke Vajsar - Selected Poems by Luke Vajsar - 2012
Luke Vajsar - Rough Around the Edges - 2011
Luke Vajsar - Flash Visions - 2009
Luke Vajsar - Solus - 2008
Luke Vajsar - Prospect - 2008
Luke Vajsar - Quakes - 2008
Luke Vajsar - Electric Eel - 2008
Luke Vajsar - Soundtracks - 2008
Luke Vajsar - In the Loop - 2006
Luke Vajsar - Rough Times? Good Times? - 2001



Toronto solo bassist Luke Vajsar was born in Prague, Czech Republic on May 17, 1979. In 1989 he immigrated to Hamilton, Canada with his brother and parents. When given the opportunity to play music at the age of 10 in elementary school, he immediately became interested. Even though he selected bass as his instrument he was given the trombone by his teacher in grade 6 and developed his skills on the instrument to a level where he was an important part in the best of big bands in the city of Burlington, Hamilton and neighboring regions; winning national and provincial awards through to 1999. Also, he began playing guitar at this time and kept playing till he finally got his hands on a bass at the age of 13. He transferred his guitar skills to bass playing and became involved with many bands and musicians from his neighborhood. Throughout this time he became inspired to perform solo as well. Solo bass performances led to the recording of eleven solo albums “Rough Times? Good Times?” “In the Loop” “Soundtracks”, “Prospect”, “Electric Eel” “Solus”, “Quakes”, “Flash Visions”, “Selected Poems by Luke Vajsar”, “Rough Around the Edges” and “Adventure”. His first solo album “Rough Times? Good Times” was recorded in 2001 and the release followed with live performances mostly between Toronto and Hamilton area. After a band break-up in 2006, Luke bounced back by immediately releasing an album called “In the Loop” which paved a way to his sound today with the use of loop pedals and other effects. From 2006 to 2009, while feeling inspired, Luke released 8 albums one after the other all in different styles and ideas, experimenting with sounds, genres, effects and melodies. This time period is credited to developing Luke’s tone and unique atmospheric sound. When asked what genre of music he plays the answer most of the time is “Experimental Lounge” though is subject to change, as being tied down to a particular genre and reducing musical freedom is never an option. Luke is now a full-time member of a band named CODEX ( with his close friend, Canada’s drum n’ bass pioneer and producer of his “Adventure” album Luca Hiroyuki d’Addario. He plays live mostly solo bass around the Toronto area in venues such as Tranzac, Aspetta, and The Central, which are hang-outs more open to creative music rather than commercial “cover band” style pubs. However, Luke will usually play anywhere as a challenge to explore the effect of his sound in different surroundings and versatile crowds. He also has a trio under the name “Luke Vajsar's HYPNOTIC SMASH”, which Rogers TV show “Toronto Sessions” has called “One of the funkiest bands Toronto has to offer”. He now resides in Toronto’s Bloordale neighbourhood where he has secured a group of musician contacts and fans that push each other to constantly perform and develop their art to the highest degree.