luke wilton aka mighty thin stew

luke wilton aka mighty thin stew


folk roots feel poetic relatable lyrics,. melodic harmonica and swampy 12string driven by indie drummer new age folk at its best if you like dylan ,rodrequs,paul kelly you,ll dig this. kick back and let the stew simmer it smeels mighty good.


I have been writing folk/roots songs for about ten yrs about five yrs ago when the war started in Iraq I promised my young children I would try to speak up so I attended the coffs habour peace march with a guitar and three poinient songs played to a target audience of about 3000 people was well recieved and invited to another 3 or four more around coffs culminating in a trip to parliment house where i played at converge on parliment relizing at the time that i enjoyed it and thought i better learn to play more than 3 chorders have honed my slide and 12 string over the past 5 years playing for festivals and supporting international and local touring acts this year is the year of self belief and look out cause here I come,,,,,


2003 luke wilton REVOLUTION 03 the daze before the war songs have had a little community radio sold 1000 copies new home recorded multi tracking available on jjj unearthed under luke wilton and mighty thin stew

Set List

all original set of about 1 .5 hrs songs change as new ones written approx 20 current rehearsedany