Rooted and luminous South American folk songs unfolding in sonic landscapes


*as featured on KCRW's Today's Top Tune*

Named “One of the most original new sounds in Latin America.” by ROLLING STONE Argentina, Lulacruza is an electronic folk duo at the junction of hyper-modern and ancient.

Their music weaves together hypnotic female singing, South American instruments, found sound objects, field recordings and electronic manipulation. Colombian Alejandra Ortiz is an extraordinary songbird on the Colombian cuatro, shruti box, and kalimba, together with Argentine Luis Maurette on electronic sampler, percussion, charango and Amazonian flutes.

After producing 4 successful albums, their latest project, ESPERANDO EL TSUNAMI is a music documentary and forthcoming “visual album” made in collaboration with Vincent Moon (considered by the New York Times as “reinventing the music video.”) along with a remix EP of their single “Casa Redonda”.

They have an extremely diverse live repertoire and have played many large international festivals and can do danceable upbeat sets and some that are more spiritual and intimate, great for the main stage but *WOULD BE AN UNFORGETTABLE DAYCASE* as well.


Esperando el Tsunami Visual Album (coming soon in 2013)
Casa Redonda EP (coming soon in 2013)
Circular Tejido 2011
Canta - Lulacruza Remixed EP 2009
Soloina - 2008
Do Pretty! - 2006