Lula Pena

Lula Pena


"A portuguese singer with a deep voice and a guitar that sings just like a poet"-Caetano Veloso.
Charlie Gillet, Caetano Veloso, Rodrigo Leao, Bonnie Prince Billy, and many more artists & journalists have fallen in love with this unclassifiable artist, one of the most interesting coming from Europe.


LULA PENA possesses one of the most disquieting voices of the contemporary scene, somewhere between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen, but in feminine, admired by among others Caetano Veloso and Rodrigo Leão. In her project she takes deep songs apart on guitar, with staging as simple as it is striking. Twelve years of relative silence separate her début album, Phados from Troubadour, one of the most important musical deliveries of Portuguese origin in recent years. LULA PENA’s exquisite fado goes beyond the fado; her transgression in sound is closer to the universal folk of single artists.


"[Ph]ados", 1999.
"Troubadour", 2010.
New Release coming next 2014.

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