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lull @ Sharp Shooters

Manassas, Virginia, USA

Manassas, Virginia, USA

lull @ Jaxx

Springfield, Virginia, USA

Springfield, Virginia, USA

lull @ Lauapalooza

Vienna, Virginia, USA

Vienna, Virginia, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


Discovering new music is always a thrill if you're not too hard to please. If you have a more discerning nature and prefer your music to contain qualities other than guttural grunts, simplistic ear-candy rhythms and pirated hooks, you may want to check out lull. This east coast bred threesome has an impressive freshman effort available called privacy, which lends itself to repeated listening and entices you to sing along. According to the band "the recording was pure. Nothing was added or removed. Nothing was mixed. It is music at it's and private."

What's so great about a live recording, you ask? Most live recordings suck - we all know that! Some bands, heard at the bar, club or concert arena, have an appeal you can applaud - at that time. They go well with the hyped-up mood you're in. So well, that sometimes you desire to prolong the aural relationship, yet you can hardly expect to take them home with you. Even if you could convince them to do so, sooner or later they would tire of giving a private performance and expect to get paid, or fed, or given a bed.

Recognizing some are the clinging, possessive type, lull decided to create a "Show to Go", and privacy is the result. Now, not only will you want fries with it, but also, you can supersize your purchase by listening to lull's privacy over and over again. You'll be so impressed with this "Show to Go" concept that soon, you'll want to add more "Shows to Go" to your collection and lull will likely be the first band you'll think of to provide the quality entertainment.

Lull has greater ambitions, it seems, than to be a cliché band, and that may prove their best chance to fashion a successful mass identity. privacy is their first recorded compilation and this straight-backed, attractive and talented trio will stop at nothing to prove that looks aren't everything, especially when you can only hear them.

Privacy begins with the title track instrumental "privacy", and deftly and incessantly wends it way through nine additionally unique and compelling morceaux d'art musical.

"Twilight", is a haunting, morphing rocker of intense proportions, while "flutter" leaves a saccharine-sweet and sour twist of an aftertaste in your brain.

Other certain favorites are "1,000 kisses" - "He tries to deal and tries to flow to brighter lows but he's been absent from himself so long, it doesn't show." Here we have another example of a melodic, easy to appreciate veneer, masking murky impulses.

"Current" is perhaps the darkest, most menacing piece of the lot. Desire to possess another is taken to the greatest degree and "Though we hear, can dreams argue with our minds? Is there life beyond, far beneath our eyes?". "He rises dead and finds the place he knows so well. With its flow he lives again." - Chill-inducing, that!

"My kind" echoes the lament of the "other than" entity; one who doesn't quite conform and surely never will. "Somewhere around here - back inside a dream, lying in silence. With a wish that the world will never notice; our dreams will never die and I'm haunted by your memory when I'm the last of my kind." Images conjured are curiously familiar, as when one recognizes the shadowy buried aspects of one's own psyche. The poetic mastery evident here leaves one wondering if s/he will ever completely discern the greater meaning of the song, yet melody and imagery combine, to create a strong sense of needing to.

Try sitting still to "considering" and you'll likely experience your soul's dislocation - Some things just shouldn't be attempted.

Lull has a cherry sound that can only get better as they grow. Their art is often striking, complicated and immense, yet easy to accommodate. Perhaps the only negative things to be said of privacy are that it is too intimate - too immediate, and not as polished as a studio album would be. Sometimes the vocals could use some blending and shaping. But this is a project that doesn't pretend to be homogenized and perfect. Lull wants to introduce their craft to you. Don't turn away, when you can appreciate their considerable talents at once - live and private!

Brock / Alter Life Productions
- Alter Life Productions


Released in 2003 - 10 original songs recorded LIVE in lull's warehouse practice space - self produced and distributed

Songs from Privacy have been played on Music Oven Network, DC101 (Leading Rock Station in Washington, DC), ClearChannel's New Music Network, Corner Band Network, Starpolish, The Washington Post, Soundclick, Purevolume, Myspace, and more!


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1995, three teenage friends gathered in an old garage to search for expression. Their tools were primitive: buckets, trash-can lids, an antique guitar, adolescent vocal cords, and a rusty wheelbarrow. Though the resulting video and audio recordings have since been lost, the desire to communicate with the world and themselves through sound is still very much alive.

In the summer of 2002, after years of performing in various bands and working on separate projects, the three friends reunited and lull was brought into existence. Today, lull is actively developing a distinct sound for themselves and playing shows throughout Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. The music maintains an alternative rock basis while flirting dangerously with numerous other genres including electronica, symphonic, pop, and r&b.

Lull’s debut release, privacy, is a collection of ten original songs recorded live in a secluded Northern Virginia practice space. The self-produced recording (released in 2003) showcases the enthusiasm and passion the band feels for expressing themselves and is a testimony to the relentless rehearsal schedule that guarantees an energetic and high-quality performance every time lull takes the stage.