What is alternatronica? It's lull's distinct blend of energetic alternative rock, haunting electronics, and pop songwriting sensability. To the twitching masses of the world - enjoyment has arrived.


In 1995, three teenage friends gathered in an old garage to search for expression. Their tools were primitive: buckets, trash-can lids, an antique guitar, adolescent vocal cords, and a rusty wheelbarrow. Though the resulting video and audio recordings have since been lost, the desire to communicate with the world and themselves through sound is still very much alive.

In the summer of 2002, after years of performing in various bands and working on separate projects, the three friends reunited and lull was brought into existence. Today, lull is actively developing a distinct sound for themselves and playing shows throughout Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. The music maintains an alternative rock basis while flirting dangerously with numerous other genres including electronica, symphonic, pop, and r&b.

Lull’s debut release, privacy, is a collection of ten original songs recorded live in a secluded Northern Virginia practice space. The self-produced recording (released in 2003) showcases the enthusiasm and passion the band feels for expressing themselves and is a testimony to the relentless rehearsal schedule that guarantees an energetic and high-quality performance every time lull takes the stage.



Written By: Stapleton

See? What you wanted to you got. Leave your questions on the side. Gods that fear daylight and science stripped of everything that hides.

We could shy away from light - from the privilege of our sight. We could run into the night and find we'll live forever if we can bleed forever.

Tamed, wide-eyed creatures of twilight cut their cords to humankind. Gods that fear daylight's disaster, spitting mystery in unassuming eyes.

You've got your own time so leave me mine.

Without Her

Written By: Stapleton

It's not what you think, but what you say that holds the worth. So I'll say it now and hope somehow you'll hear the words.

It's not about the endless burning. It's not about her wondrous beauty. It's not about the blanket silence. It's all about without her.

It's not what you say, but what you do that holds the worth. So I'll do it now and hope somehow this doesn't hurt.

My Kind

Written By: Stapleton

Somewhere around here - back inside a dream, lying in silence under this, it whispers secret terrors to cowards.

Under a white sky, dressed in silver sheets, pale apparitions dance their tales of all the spilt desires that dried - the swallowed evidence of their lives.

Time, just a static, will flux as it races, starving for traces of thick, forbidden lies. Memories flood into clarity's space and choke down the taste of tears in ancient eyes.

Somewhere around here - cold, encrusted needs, still and forgotten under this, await the thawing gaze of new eyes - painful guidance into the rights they so long ago were denied.

Somewhere around here - back inside a dream, lying in silence with a wish that the world will never notice, our dreams will never die and I'm haunted by your memory when I'm the last of my kind.


Released in 2003 - 10 original songs recorded LIVE in lull's warehouse practice space - self produced and distributed

Songs from Privacy have been played on Music Oven Network, DC101 (Leading Rock Station in Washington, DC), ClearChannel's New Music Network, Corner Band Network, Starpolish, The Washington Post, Soundclick, Purevolume, Myspace, and more!

Set List

It is lull's firm belief that presentation, delivery, and image are all vital aspects of any successful communication initiative. As a result, everything lull creates is guaranteed to be more than simply music. Our focus extends not only to what the consumer hears, but also what they see, feel, think, and experience. Our goal is to entertain, intrigue, and provoke through an ever-changing blend of styles and emotions. Our hope is that we will engage the minds of our listeners as they relate to us through the characters, stories, and ideas we expose them to.

Although lull's sets vary from venue to venue, here is a sample of a typical one-hour set.

Privacy | 1:26
Dark instrumental track - symphonic electronica

Twilight | 4:49
Lull's heaviest song - industrial, alternative

Fatsucked | 4:10
A currently unrecorded track - pop, alternative

Flutter | 4:38
A crowd pleaser with plenty of interraction - dark pop/punk

1000 Kisses | 4:04
Complicated but approachable rhythms