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" . . .The group is comprised of four promising talents, all Shenandoah University students. The band is called Lullabies & Cocktails, and together they blend styles that make for a unique sound....
....Previously this year the band released their first EP titled “Remember 7”. On it are five hypnotic tracks, all that will please fans ranging from the Dave Matthews Band, Dream Theater, Jack Johnson, Jamiroquai, and many more. The band doesn’t fall into one particular genre but meshes progressive rock with acoustic jam band and folk.
One of the band’s originals, “Unseen Eyes”, is a great song with a suggestive feel of the 90s rock scene. The song is written in a key that echoes the seriousness of the lyrics. In this track Colbert exhibits his Jamiroquai-esque vocals while adding his own flare. In the breakdown Terrell pageants his talent to write a melodic and technical solo. The delay peddle he uses is also an effective touch. Van Ness’s backup vocals paired with Colbert’s voice make a perfect vocal blend.
Another original song, “A Whisper Missing”, has a happier tone, displaying the mood of the “Coctktails” portion of the band’s name. During the middle of the song there is a definite meter change led effortlessly by Berg and Van Ness. The acoustic backbone of the song sets the stage for a great jam.
The band is also known for two fantastic Dave Matthews Band covers, one from DMB’s Busted Stuff album called “Grey Street”. Here the band puts a twist on the song by playing it at a faster tempo. Colbert sings Dave’s lyrics higher than normal but keeps it in key. Terrell covers Leroi Moore’s saxophone lines on guitar in the same octave. Berg adds Carter-like beats throughout the song (sometimes using other famous breakdowns of Beauford’s from a song called “Two Step”). Van Ness completes the song with his ever-present and humbly steady bass lines.
The band is also known for their cover of “All Along the Watchtower”. Lullabies & Cocktails does not cover this song in a Hendrix fashion but rather “The Dave Way”. When performing they transition this song from “Unseen Eyes”, creating a perfect atmosphere of serious lyrical depth and great showmanship. Terrell does a nice job of covering guest star Trey Anastasio’s guitar lines.
Overall the band has aligned cuts offs, are great song writers, and play well together, recognizing one another’s contributions to the band. So have a drink, relax, and “Remember 7”. ***** (5 stars).
- The SUN


Remember 7 - 2007 EP (Self Released)



Lullabies & Cocktails brings a potent and unique blend of styles to the live music scene. The late nineties saw the reemergence of the jam band, and LnC seeks to integrate the broad spectrum of rock history, from the 60's psychedelic era to the hard hitting modern style, into the jam band template to create an invigorating and intensity-driven live show.
The members of LnC all attend Shenandoah University, where they currently study music in their respective idioms. Playing together for only two years, the band has forged a solid and diverse repertoire of original songs, as well as a growing selection of covers, including the infamous and electrifying triple cover of "All Along the Watchtower" (Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews Band). Their performances in the Winchester and Northern Virginia area have been met with excitement and a high degree of positive response.
The year 2007 saw the release of LnC's first recorded EP, perhaps one made more by fate than intention. Years ago, when a spontaneous trip to a psychic revealed the stunningly simple phrase "Remember 7", the meaning of the portent was made clear when the band's fortunes came together all in the same year...2007.
Remember 7 truly exudes the sound that is unique to Lullabies & Cocktails; the sweet concoction of progressive jam rock complete with razored guitar solos, memorable melodies, introspective lyrics, and a happily blended sound between the four musicians.