Lulla Bye

Lulla Bye

 Senhora da Hora, Porto, PRT

We are a rock-pop band that sings in English, with an energetic live show. January 2010 - We are on top 10 National Radioairplay in Portugal and in 2009 we licenced 4 diferent songs for 5 musical Hit compilations - including a Playstation Game.


At this time (January 2010), the song "a bigger plan" is #2 on the radio Portuguese airplay charts (and #10 at the general airplay) and the song "dee day" is #1 when it comes to fresh releases.

The publishing and airplay results are really good. In 2009 Lulla bye was licensed for 5 sucess compilation CDs and also Singstar Game from Playstation.

Some facts about Lulla Bye:

. the band release their 1st album in 2005 and for this album, one hit song was released - "making me better"

. the 2nd album, “One Way” is considered by the major radiostations as one of the best Rock albuns when it comes to Portuguese bands that sings in English.

. The musical video of the song “Gone (and we dance)” has the participation of 3 Hollywood actors – Shannon Elizabeth (“Nadia” from the movie American Pie), John Hawkes (American gangster, Perfect Storm, from Dusk till dawn), Joe Reitman (Bandidas , lady in the water, Csi Las vegas).

Link to the video:

. This musical video was presented some months before the release of the album and was on MTV's Portugal hit list for 4 months.

. The song “a bigger plan” is part of the soundtrack of a TV Series on TVI (Channel 4).

Link to the video:

. The song “Thank you Paris” is part of the soundtrack of a TV series on SIC (Channel 3), and its musical video was partly filmed in Hollywood (to be released and suported by MTV Portugal in April).

. Lulla bye is officialy suported by Myspace Portugal and Radio Comercial (the 2nd biggest in Portugal).


2004: single - Making me better
2005: album - Lulla Bye
2005: Licenced to Compilation "Morangos com Açucar" - Song "Making me better"
2005 - Licensed to Compilation "Morangos com Açucar os temas de Verão" - song "Mesmo sem saber"
2006: Licensed to "Morangos com Açucar Série 2" - song "forbidance"
2006: single - Hey Sir
2006: single - Confession
2006: licensed to Compilation "A Cause" - song "Two towers"
2008: Single "Gone (and we dance)"
2008: Album "One Way"
2008: Single "A bigger plan"
2009: Licensed "Playstation Singstar" - Song and Video "A bigger plan
2009: Licensed to compilation "Hit 2009" -Song "A bigger plan"
2009: Licenced to compilation "Nº1" - song "Dee Day"
2009: Licenced to Compilation "Now 20" - Song "A bigger plan"
2009: Licenced to Compilation "Rádio Comercial live" - triple CD - Songs "Gone", "Making me better", "A bigger plan"

Set List

We play for about 1h15.

We choose our repertoire acording to the place were we are playing.

Sometimes we include cover songs from U2, the doors, The Clash.