Lulu Mae

Lulu Mae

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

These are Nashville storytellers, hooking listeners withpoignant lyrics &compellingly original Americana/folk/rock. Lulu Mae adds to the term “family band,” joining together the Finleys &Smiths in a way that according to The Nashville Scene “might just renew your faith in the possibilities of love.”


From No Country for New Nashville:

[Lulu Mae is] a disarmingly good-natured folk-rock family band with a knack for storytelling. During a quick listen through Lulu Maes first full-length record The Mockingbird and the Dogwood Tree (no, its not an Iron and Wine album), you might at different points be reminded of Nickel Creek, Ryan Adams, and The Decemberists, and occasionally, maybe even some Gaelic Storm. What you might not catch from their discography, though, is that Lulu Mae are not a bunch of timid folk softies. Seriously, these guys can rock the f*** out.

Though they stay firmly rooted in the realm of folky, smart, well-orchestrated material, theyve certainly got the energy, versatility, and range to rock out, especially on a giant stage.

On May 13, 2014, the band will release its second full-length album, Mean River, which will prove to rock even harder and roll even sweeter than previous releases, as evidenced by the single release of Memphis Woman, playing now on local radio stations. Recent accomplishments for Lulu Mae include winning Nashvilles massive battle of the bands, Lightning 100s Music City Mayhem competition, in April 2013, and playing Nashvilles Live on the Green in September 2013 for a crowd of several thousand.

As for personnel:

Lulu Mae lends fresh meaning to the term family band: Lead singer Joel Finley writes and plays the tunes that he sings with his wife Sarah Finley, musically carried and decorated by their college buddies, the brothers Ben Smith (bass guitar) and Adam Smith (keys, trumpet), with background help from Adams wife Jen, and the recent additions of roommates and adopted brothers Anthony Mangin on electric and David Sutton on drums.

 And according to the Nashville Scene, Lulu Mae might just renew your faith in the possibilities of love.


Everything in the Whole Wide World (2010 EP)
The Mockingbird and the Dogwood Tree (2012)
Single: Memphis Woman (2013)

Tracks with radio airplay:

Memphis Woman (2013)
The Fiction of Speed (2012)
The Mockingbird and the Dogwood Tree (2012)
Corallina (2012)
Asleep Behind the Wheel (2010)