tribal swing, jump blues, groove based, original quartet with roots in jazz but rocks the house live; LUMA recently won several awards in NYC, played at SummerStage, The Blue Note and their jazz single 'Ever So Slow' is the music for Starbucks summer 2007 XM Radio and 21 region national radio ad.


LUMA emerged in the summer of 2004 as one of the Hampton’s (NY) hottest new bands. Now in 2007 founding members Dan Lauter (sax), Jeff Marshall (djembe/bass), and Claes Brondal (drums) have reformed LUMA as a quartet, performing with a guest piano or guitar. Their core repertoire of original material is rooted in jazz, when performed live rocks the house! Their tight sound and catchy melodies combine with improv, a solid groove, a tribal swing, world and funky flavor!
In 2006 LUMA released its first CD: Life.Unity.Music.Amplified, recorded at Sear Sound in NYC, mixed by William Masters. Since then their single ‘Ever So Slow’ has appeared on a Hear Music National compilation CD called “Off The Clock” and used for a Starbucks Summer 2007 Terrestrial and XM Radio Ad Campaign. LUMA just won the 2007 NYC Avant-Grande Music Contest, has been awarded a year Gibson endorsement, recently performed at both Central Park’s SummerStage and the Blue Note in NYC and was featured in the Southampton Press Arts & Living section. This quartet is high energy, jazz cool & eclectic, with an accessible sound and they consistently perform a colorful array of great music !


'Ever So Slow' - jazz single
'Life.Unity.Music.Amplified' - CD release 2006
'OFF THE CLOCK' release by Hear Music - 'Ever So Slow' is this national compilation's track #5, and is the only instrumental jazz cut.

Set List

LUMA customizes material for each performance using our original tunes, of which we have to date 3 sets worth, and our favorite jazz standards.