At home at church picnics, dive bars, front porch jams or festival stages, Lumberhorn plays Americana favorites, old-time obscurities, witty originals and bluegrass standards that will even get the squares dancing.


Lumberhorn is a combination of great songs, expert musicianship and amazing energy:

The story starts with a few friends, a banjo, a bass of the washtub variety and a suitcase kick drum looking for an outlet for some pretty clever original songs. Over time, the set list filled out with the funniest and most fun traditional (and non-traditional) songs of the last 200 years, and now the Lumberhorn catalog touches on everything from groundhogs to gangster rappers.

No bluegrass band is complete without a fiddle, and with the addition of world class fiddler Heather Lewin (only after the completion of the first record, unfortunately), Lumberhorn gained major musical credibility. Heather leads the band through set after set of old-time fiddle tunes, adds the fills and solos right where you need them and along with Boy Howdy and BJ, completes the three part harmony that you just can't fake.

There are no slow songs at a Lumberhorn show, but there are singalongs and we're not above bribing the folks with kazoos.


Cold In Here

Written By: Ted Jorin

It's not raining
so the roof's not leaking
we're not fighting
'cuz we're not speaking

Can this go on, my dear?
Yes much too long, I fear
you know it's quiet like I like it
but it's getting kind of cold in here

You won't go to bed mad
but I can change my tune
we haven't been to bed since
last June

and it's a leap year
you need your beauty sleep, dear
are you tired of being right every night
it's getting cold in here

Don't ask me why
I'll tell you what
the answer's yes if
the answer's no but

I'll tell you anything
that you want to hear
but you never let me let you win
it's getting cold in here

Nothing Ever Happened

Written By: Ted Jorin

For billions of years, nothing ever happened
now something happens every day

it could have been someone else
but it's you and it's myseld
and if it weren't I guess I'd never know

For billions of years, nothing ever happened
now something happens every day
life is chemistry
that can't refuse to be
but everybody makes it what it is

it takes carbon and calcium
to make arms and legs and eyes and ears
and a synapse and a neuron to make faith and love and hope and fear

and it's a man and a woman or it's you and me
but it could have been anyone, honestly
it makes me wonder if we're made for each other or a wonder we were made at all

For billions of years, nothing ever happened
now something happens every day
and when the sun no longer shines
it'll be just like old times
but we'll be long gone by then
and when we're no longer here,
I may still love you, dear
but a dead man shouldn't promise anything


Blood is Thicker Than Moonshine (2004, Full-length CD recorded by a previous lineup of the same band)

American Standards: Lumberhorn! Live! (2007 live album)

Nothing Ever Happened (coming April 2008)

audio is available at

We have had airplay and have been guests on WMSE 91.7 FM.

Set List

We play anything from 45 minute openers to 3 set bar closers. A typical set is tailored to the venue and crowd, but will usually include a quarter to half originals and the rest are Americana standards and obscurities and a few popular tunes you might not recognize with a banjo.

Sample Set List:

Stay All Night (trad.)
Old Joe Clark (trad.)
Little Birdie (trad.)
Judgement Day (original)
Crow Can Fly (original)
Cold In Here (original)
Slew Foot (Horton)
Shotgun Wedding (original)
Blue Moon of Kentucky (Monroe)
Armageddon Over You (original)
Northwest Indiana (original)
Ghost Riders in the Sky (?)
Salty Dog Blues (trad.)
Roustabout (trad.)
Groundhog (trad.)
Cripple Creek (trad.)
Pretty Good Woman (original)
Ace of Spades (Motorhead)
I'll Come Back & Haunt You (original)
Lonesome Road blues (trad.)
Ballad of Tupac Shakur (original)
Cindy (trad.)
Double File (trad.)
Rocky Top (?)