From dense, anxious, thundering drones borrowed of dawn demolition crews to disembodied auditory hallucinations overheard while driving wide eyed on a desert night, The Lumerians channel disjointed transmissions from outer spheres, where celestial bodies have no definite mass.


Urgent sounds began to coalesce out of the ether, rattling conduits, emanating from behind locked doors in the coastal civilization of San Francisco during the autumn of 2005…

Enter Lumerians: a group that represent a unique musical movement in contemporary psych that pays homage to the great bands that paved the way before them (Silver Apples, Spacemen 3, Can) by eschewing the traditional signifiers in favor of experimentation with other sonic mediums that achieve a similar desired psychological effect. A non-retro balance between maximal and minimalist spontaneity and structure, which reveals a palpable sense that real magic exists in the world.


EP: Lumerians (s/t) - 5 songs/30 minutes
"Corkscrew Trepanation" reached #1 on
"Orgon Grinder" on "Mind Expansion 3" compilation

Set List

We typically play for 40 minutes with immersive visual accompaniment.