LUMI is the First Lebanese band to get Licensed by a Major (Emi) and to produce a record with a famous producer. Explosive mix of Rock, electro, and glamor. After the Brilliant release of their first Album in the Middle East, lumi strive to shed their light in Europe and USA.


Biography By Rachel Monk

�Art is derived from our Living existence but it's in fast forward mode� Lumi

Engage with the sounds of Lumi. They ooze talent, shout out meaning, acoustically they personify perfection and visually they could have been taken from the catwalk in Milan. A divine combination served to you on a metaphorical plate so chic you will fall in love at first sound.

Lumi originates from the French word Lumi�re which means light. It projects enlightenment and the significance of brightness into lives which can sometimes seem gloomy and dull, predominantly dictated by the situation in Lebanon.

�We wanted a name which had strength and not pretentious, something positive and bright for Lebanon�

Marc Codsi and Mayaline Hage are Lumi.

Marc (1979) a degree in Finance and Mayaline (1982) a Masters in Clinical Psychology were both born in Beirut, Lebanon and this is their home until today. Marc started playing the guitar when he was 17 and has also been the lead guitarist of a Lebanese post punk band �Scrambled Eggs� since 2001. In addition to this he produces and performs more experimental projects under the name �Happy Melody�. Marc is not shy of an instrument or two! In fact he has mastered the talent for anything he can touch and make a sound with. Most notably the Bass, Piano, Drums, Trumpet and the keyboards. All of which can be heard throughout the album �Two Tears in Water�.

Mayaline was bought her first electric guitar when she was just 11 years old, although she never took it as far as singing, she still demonstrates her musical diversity with her guitar skills in the song �Lilly�. It was an improvised music workshop in 2002 that bought these two talents together. They collaborated and worked with many different artists before joining forces in 2005 and have since been known as Lumi. A natural synergy emerged between them both, sharing the desire for peace in the Middle East and a passion to travel the world together and create music through their experiences and emotions.

�We met at a party, where people were jamming. I was playing the guitar and Mayaline was too shy to sing, but she had a Cranberries tablature book with her. The encounter was inevitable� Marc Codsi

Both Marc and Mayaline share the same backgrounds, in film, music and poetry.
They were raised with the David Lynch atmosphere (very present in Lumi's universe), Nouvelle Vague movies, Bergman, Tarkovski, and the French Director Alain Resnais to name a few. Also since their early teenage years with the music and lyrics of Nirvana, and then Sonic Youth, all the post rock, post punk scene and of course the electronic music from its debut to its different directions.

The music is their image, well defined, elegant and charismatic. Defined by themselves as raw, feminine, dynamic, playful yet melancholic, sensual, sly and provocative. All of this is dramatically brought to life in their first single �Don�t F With My Cat� which is inspired by their virtual dream. The video is a story of two worlds brought together by what is real and what is fictional in a funny, sarcastic, sensual and delirious song. The reality is Lebanon and the political situation in which they have lived for many years. It was filmed in 2006 and directed by Sary Sehnaoui. Lumi describe how post war energy helped them produce the video:

�We had the chance of having lots of people working with us for free, all eager to do something ... It was a time to construct�

The fictional side of the video is the dream, Lumi�s perception of the fantastic and the idea of the better world. Beirut is where the video was filmed, and plays the leading role in their lives as the background of all their fantasies, magic and disappointments. Clich�s such as the black cat and the wings were used with the intention of creating mystery and glamour in a semi-serious, self derisory way.

They describe how living in Lebanon has influenced their music �It puts you in a boiling microcosm. Lebanon is everything and its opposite, a country of a lot of contrasts and extremes. On a geographical level, this is visible in the music by the way rhythms and melodies are connected. For example, there is always a raw element mixed with a very polished one. It's like when you walk in Beirut, you'd see a very old house with traditional old stones and next to it an attempt in the latest trend in architecture�.

Lumi�s debut album titled �Two Tears in Water� was released by EMI Arabia on the 13th june 2008 in the Middle East. Two is representative of the two years it took to finish the album. The production took just one month in Dusseldorf, Germany where they worked with one of the top producers Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars, Von Sudenfed). They had already recorded the album in their studio in Beirut before heading to Germany. There they hit the studio to develop more instrumentals,


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2007>EP>Untitled (Self Produced)
2008>LP>Two tears in Water (EMI Arbia,Virgin Music)

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Sets depends on the Context, Venue, Audience, and time.
Can range from 20 min to an hour and a half.