LuMia SabOr

LuMia SabOr


Worl Music- Mediterranean Soul


Karamelo RoJes, Guitar & Percussion, Kiko Lalonde, Bass Guitar, produced by Kiko Lalonde & Jesus Lantermo. LuMia is a mix between Rhumba Gitana and Italian traditional music. Completely instrumental, LuMia reflects the passions of the Mediterranean Sea and its surrounding cultures. The music is easy to listen to and expertly arranged by Karamelo Rojes. The strong selling point for LuMia is that the music perfectly mixes the sound of the Gipsy Kings, Latino and classical music. LuMia is a band that deserves your attention. LuMia was formed in 2005 from the ashes of Impronta Latina in Genoa, Italy. After Impronta Latina broke up, Kiko Lalonde and Karamelo Rojes took different steps through their own musical paths. But, for the benefit of us all, it was only for a short time. They have rejoined under a new name to work together on a new project, LuMia. Karamelo’s guitar tracks were recorded in Italy & Spain between September 2005 and January 2006. Kiko Lalonde in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada produced the demo itself. The songs Passion Flamenca & Camargue are arranged and produced by Jesus Lantermo. LuMia decided to record the demo to feature their combined musical experience and to finally get to the point to play beautiful music that is loved by all. In just one listen of the 5 tracks Demo of LuMia’ you’ll experience the feeling of the Mediterranean. Whoever hears this demo will confess to how much they enjoy it and to how they want to hear it again and again.


Demo: Passione Mediterranea

Set List

Passine Flamenca
Puerta del Sol

Set Live Show

1. Djobi, Djoba
2. Viento Del Arena
3. Baila Me
4. Un Amor
5. Moorea
6. Volare
7. Quiero Saberi
8 Por la montana
9. La Dona
10. Montana
11. Bem, Bem,
13. Bamboleo
14. Galaxia
15. Vamos A Bailar
16. Love & Liberte
17. A Tu Vera
18. Medley: Bamboleo/Volare/Djobi Djoba/Pida Me La/Baila Me